SPS to the moon stake or hold ?



So unless you are living under a rock you would of seen the that SPS is on the rise again upto $0.34 of time of posting this is due to this AMA announcement

Screenshot 20210925 at 18.41.51.png

Because of this people are starting to stock pile SPS ready for the Pre sale to get the 10% Discount for buying with SPS which is causing the price of the token to rise as more people buy in..

But the question for today is should you hold SPS in your account ready to buy the pre sale or continue to stake it to get Intrest daily.

Screenshot 20210925 at 18.37.44.png

I have 166 SPS staked at present netting me about 0.5 SPS a day along with my 1.5 i get from airdrops thats 2 a day and up until now i have been putting it straight back into staking. But once the pre sale starts you will need to have SPS avaiable on your account to buy the packs with the 10% discount which you cant take out of your staked balance as it takes 4 weeks to get it out.
So easy you leave it in your in game balance ready to spend but theres a kicker the chaos vouchers for the pre sale that are going to be given out daily and the amount you get depends on your staked amount of sps so you will want to be keeping that high as well

So my plan for this is to keep all 2 SPS i get a day from staking and airdrops in the game to build up ready to buy me packs it will get me around 50 in time for the pre sale which will be around 5 packs i can grab, then with the money i make from blogging on here and hive im going to split, all the hive i get is going to buy DEC all the Hive Dollars im getting are going to buy Credits so i can keep buying card and all the SPT i get will be converted into SPS and staked. So im ready but still growing my account

Whats your plan ready for Chaos pre sale ?

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