Using HBD, I paid a SplinterLands youtuber to coach me! (SO YOU DONT HAVE TO!!)


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Hello to everyone from the LeoFinance, Splinterlands, 1up, Proof-of-brain tribes, and everyone else from the ManCave, to the folks who like clicking and tracking their profits!
[And @taskmaster you might enjoy this, and benefit from it as well.]

Today, I finally got the opportunity to have a tutoring session with the great youtuber @infidel1258 where he coached me on smart power building, and purchasing practices, as well as the reasoning behind each purchase, future implications, and so much other stuff. This is knowledge that can only be passed down from veterans of the game, who have learned from their own past actions both good and bad.
Being a new player, and wanting to support a good content creator, I approached Dwayne in his YT comments, and stalked him on discord, until he got the point and realized I was serious and wanted him to teach me. As we all know, nothing in life comes free, and I didn't expect Dwayne to take time away from his own obligations, to spoon feed me readily available information.. So I struck up a deal with him, because we all also know that, money talks.
Thankfully because of this recent hive-pump, and the utility of HBD I was able to use a little bit of HIVE to buy some DEC, and a little HBD to pay Dwayne.. all the while, not feeling too bad about any of this. The only thing I thought about was my SPKnetwork airdrop.

I recorded this video of our time together on the PeakMonster, and CardAuctions marketplaces, and the splinterlands games, while we both battle technical difficulties on discord due to screen sharing, as well as on cardauctions, with purchasing my basket. Aside from the discord difficulties the only really frustrating one was not being able to buy from the cardauctions site, because they offer 5% cashback.. Im not sure what the issue was, but I had to refill my cart again on the peakmonsters site, and purchase from there, which as always was a smooth process.

I hope that you find some value from this video, and if you do, I hope you'll share it with others, and let me know your thoughts in the comments!
thanks for stopping by to check it out, if you did!

Here are the cards I ended up collecting today











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