Splinterlands: Day 10 - Tough Day


That tenth day of our playing Splinterlands was a tough one, with lots of battles being played to complete the daily quest and with many matches being lost.

In total, that day, I played 46 battles, out of which even 27 of them were disastrous losses, and only 19 of them were wins. But as every cloud has a silver lining, just the same something good came out of those numerous battling struggles.

We increased our longest winning streak from 7 to 9. Considering all those losses and only 19 wins, it seems almost impossible to happen, but it did.

Day 10

And last but not least, the worst (at least for me) that could happen when the daily quest is finally completed is the reward chest containing that stupid potion that seems entirely useless to us at this stage of our gaming.

But we are determined to follow the phrase, "Keep calm and carry on!"

See you on the battlefield! - Join Splinterlands!


I am a bit behind with my gaming daily reports, but I'll catch up.