Splinterlands: Day 13 - Another New Card in Our Collection

This is the fourth card that we received since we started playing! On average, it would mean a player may receive a card every 3 to 4 days, or to be precise, every 3.25 days.

Gargoya Lion - Day 13 Reward

I'm already thinking and doing the math about how much it would be in a whole year, of course, if I remain playing in the bronze league and, per daily quest, keep receiving one reward chest. It turns out to be 112 cards per year. (365 / 3.25 = 112.30)

My imagination already went wild thinking what cards it could be. But even if they would be the most common cards, as this one is worth only 5 in power, it would still be an additional 560 in power. When I add up this number to the power that we are currently holding (190), it would be a total of 750.

Looking at it from the perspective that we would need to play a whole year and still not being able to enter Bronze II league (as this league requires a minimum of 1,000 in power) that doesn't sound very appealing.

So, I hope some rare, epic, legendary, or even gold foil card would "get lost" in our way and be among those that should arrive in the following days.

Gargoya Lion - Neutral, Common Monster

However, Gargoya Lion is the reward, a common card from the Neutral Monster collection.

I would say, at its lower levels, it could be a very useful card, especially for the reverse speed battle ruleset. However, I assume it would perform equally well (for the same battle ruleset) on its higher levels too, where it gains additional abilities (reduced damage from magic attacks at level 5 and increased speed and melee attack when damaged at level 9).

Apart from that, Day 13 wasn't as successful as our previous two days as we didn't manage to keep our winning ratio above 50%.

In total, 40 battles were played with 18 wins and 22 losses, while we still succeeded in increasing our rating by additional 48 points.

Day 13

Until next time, join us playing Splinterlands and gain some cards for yourself!



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