Splinterlands: Day 15 - First Sold Card

Yeah, we decided to test this selling waters too. We are still unsure if it was the wisest thing to do, but the decision was made at the end of the day, and we sold our first card.


Photo by Eric Prouzet on Unsplash - Own derivative work (cropped).

After completing our daily task, the reward chest decided to be generous by giving us another card. It was the fifth card that we received since we started to play.

<" alt="Pelacor Mercenary">

It turns out to be Pelacor Mercenary, the card we already hold in our card collection.

As it's a new reward and common card, its power value is only 5. Since we don't have any summoner card at level 2 or higher, keeping the duplicate of this one for eventual future upgrades didn't seem like the best option.

On the other hand, its market price was relatively low, so we wouldn't gain some enormous amount of DEC tokens by selling it. Still, having those couple of DEC tokens extra on our disposal for possible rent of some other card that we miss in our collection was tempting enough that we finally decided to sell this (duplicate) one.

However, to receive that card after fulfilling our daily quest, we had to play 22 battles, of which ten battles were wins and 12 were losses.

Day 15

Unfortunately, that decreased our ratings by 37 points, dropping us down from 500 to 463.

Remember, I told you yesterday not to give up as you don't know what the next day might bring you. 😉

Till next time, see you in Splinterlands arena!