Game Design Idea for Splinterlands


IF cards

Cards that can have 2 abilities that change IF the opponent has for example a flying unit. So the ability change.

It could be for every ability.

Another example. A creature gets + X life if the opponent has a creature that cost more than 10 mana.

IF lower than cost than 10, the creature gets a - ability or another bonus.

It could be very dynamic with - abilities and extra bonuses.

It could be also 2 bonuses that are depending on the opponent IF one or another thing happens.

Would add another level to the same style.

@aggroed @splinterlands maybe it is something to add :)

I have some other ideas too, that would make the draft game more dynamic.

Like Bonus against element / or affinity to other cards ( reduce/additional cost) / or compounding bonus to same creature type ( goblins/ trees / dragons /...). Maybe with wild Format in some time Bonus to same edition of cards or something like that as aura like earthquake ability ( Beta cards +1life if more than 2 cards for example)

Another idea would be artifacts/ armor for Summoners that give bonuses or debuffs.

I think that are all things that could be implemented in the current game.

Feel free to comment!