Can You Guess About Hive Platform?...!

Good Morning to all members on Hive platform!

Hive price is stable and 0.8 $ just now on Binance Exchange.
I took a screenshot photo and published on here. How do you think about Hive price in future.

Please write a comment your opinion about hive price in 2022.
I think all cryptocurrency prices are going up and our hive must be grown up.

I love Hive platform.
We are going to the moon with Hive platform.
Hive is more developed and get better than before.

Many Blockchain Game projects are comming on Hive platform.
Some of Blockchain Games are so popular on Hive platform.
They are leading our Hive platform and as well as their token prices are the first place of Hive Engine token market lists.

I means DEC and SPS tokens are No.1 and No.2 ranking listed on Hive Engine Token market.
Dark Energy Crystals -DEC and Splintershards -SPS token are from Splinterlands game.

Splinterlands Token-SPT token is also famous on Hive platform.

And others STARBITS Token and SIM token are good condition.
STARBITS Token is from Rising Star Game and SIM is from dCity Game.

dCrops Game is a nice one.
Robona game and many other Blockchain Games are comming and growing up.
Blockchaing Gaming is bigger and bigger.
I hope must be more developed Gaming projects on Hive platform.

After all Hive are going up and reach to the moon with their best performances.
So we must try altogether to get success.
Good luck to you all.
With best wishes!