Introduction to Rune-Enchanted Cores(RUNI) for newbies


After knowing the rudiments of the splinterlands game, we can take a trip to another unique feature that is compulsory for every splinterlands gamer. It was released on 25th October, specifically the allowlist and it was publicly launched for minting by November in the popular NFTs marketplace, OPENSEA.

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Rune-enchanted cores(runicore), now known as Runi, are said to be the first generative non-fungible token(nfts) of the renowned digital collectible and play2earn card game, splinterlands.



Just like creating an avatar on social media handles like Facebook, gamers can design and create Runis which depict and reflects their lifestyle and can be used as display photos.
Each battle mage 🧙 like me can comfortably own a runi.

Another exciting feature about Runi is the resurrecting ability. Unlike every other game, when the lives are out, you get to wait for a little period before the lives get restored. Runi resurrects and returns to fight, combining several other abilities like Abilities of opportunity, true strike, and reflection shield.

Like any other card in Splinterlands, you can summon your Runi to fight for you in battle. Climb the leagues and leaderboards, win prizes in tournaments, and help your guild brawl its way to fame and fortune…all with your trusty Runi by your side.

Runis are generative digital art pieces, each RUNI NFT is said to be unique, bestowed with special character and abilities with varied graphics. It is also said to be the first Ethereum NFTs from splinterlands. Although Splinterlands operates on the Hive blockchain, RUNI mint, and the generated NFTs, have their roots in Ethereum.

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If you are a player and you own a Runi, you can stake them to a special contract. When this is done the player is unable to sell or transfer although we are still in possession of the NFTs.

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