DEC & VOUCHER: Your Discount Tickets in the Splinterlands in-game Marketplaces


The Hive blockchain is a place full of innovations, creativity and earning opportunities. Hive is the convergence of everything that web 3 has to offer in just one spot. Having a have account grants a user access to learning, blogging and vlogging interfaces, play-to-earn games, Decentralized exchanges (DEXes), NFTs, marketplaces and many more.

Some communities within the Hive blockchain are building an entire ecosystem that serves more than one crypto and blockchain utility. The Splinterlands community which started out as a game has so expanded to cover DeFi, SocialFi, Sports NFTs and more. Besides, there are several earning opportunities within the Splinterlands ecosystem with passive and active options.


Passive Earnings on Splinterlands - DEC & VOUCHER

I've been a recipient of huge earnings from passive investments in the Splinterlands ecosystem. Earlier this year, HODLing $DEC token earned me hundreds of dollar worth of SPS as airdrop. presently, staking SPS earns you a proportion of VOUCHER token daily. The Splinterlands team continues to make developments that create more utility and value for its assets. Central in today's discourse are the DEC and VOUCHER tokens as discount tickets in the Splinterlands in-game Marketplaces.

Dark Energy Crystals (DEC token) is the in-game currency or transactional token for Splinterlands play-to-earn game. It is designed as the stable token of the ecosystem.

DEC can be earned through gameplay or by sacrificing (burning) unworthy cards in your collection, and then use them to buy all sorts of great items in the Splinterlands shop!. Also, a burning mechanism of 1 USD worth of SPS for 975 DEC exists, to prevent DEC from pumping above its intended value.


VOUCHERs is a splinterlands token designed to grant discounts for in-game purchases of assets and for presales of new editions of cards as well as promotions. it was the sole token for the purchase of Splinterlands Chaos Legion presale booster packs.

DEC & VOUCHER as Discount Tickets in the Splinterlands in-game Marketplaces

1. Purchases in Splinterlands in-game Shop

Ideally, 1000 DEC should have a loose price of around 1 USD, per design. However, this has not always been the case. Presently, about 1,666 DEC is trade-able for 1 USD at the third party exchanges (DEXes and CEXes). However, the splinterlands in-game shop value of DEC when purchasing products from Splinterlands marketplace directly still remains 1,000 for 1 USD. Hence, buying DEC in exchanges and using them to buy items in the splinterlands gives around 40% discount.

If the price of DEC is below the shop value and there is demand for Splinterlands products, this always incentivizes purchases in the splinterlands in-game shop because there is a growing discount, the lower the price of DEC.

2. Utility in Splinterlands Tower Defense

During the launch of Splinterlands Tower Defense (SPLTD), the Splinterlands team announced a plan for DEC and VOUCHER tokens to play a significant role. First, DEC and credits are accepted as payment for the SPLTD packs at a fixed rate of 1,000 DEC equalling $1.00 USD, while VOUCHERs will give a $3 discount on pack purchases.

Also, at the when the game goes live, the recharging the energy of towers, spells, and heroes would be possible by spending DEC. Also, VOUCHERs will offer a discount on these purchases.

Another utility of DEC and VOUCHER in SPLTD is that the ingredients store that will offer a small and time-limited offer of ingredients that you can purchase via DEC (with VOUCHER discounts). All of these are to allow the player to utilize DEC and VOUCHERs to progress in the game.


As the crypto winter continues, DEC and VOUCHERs are a good buy option since they are discount tokens. With respect to Tower Defense pack sales, VOUCHER is worth $3 in the splinterlands in-game shop but 7.7 Cents in the external markets. I purchased 5k DEC and 33 VOUCHERs with quite a huge discounting prizes. Looking forward to stack more of them while this bear run lasts.

Do you think DEC and VOUCHER are a good buy this time?


Splinterlands game is termed the "next generation of collectible card games" in which allows players to collect, trade, and battle with provably scarce digital collectibles with real-world value. Battles on Splinterlands Unlike most trading card games, are fast and furious, and are usually completed within few minutes. The Splinterlands gameplay is simple and easy to learn viz: reviewing combat rules, making and submitting of the team and watching the battle unfold.


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