Close Range Vs Return Fire | The Impeccable Abilities

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Since they introduce riftwatcher cards, I really don't know why I haven't really check them out especially the summoner part, have only been busy trying to check out the monster cards that came with it and even trying to lay my hands on some while neglecting the summoners and it seems surprising or should I say funny because I haven't came across the riftwatcher summoners in any of my battle. I thought they will be very vital and more useful especially with some of their incredible abilities. Just tonight, this two summoner abilities caught my attention and I was like Oh What a frenemy! Even though earth and life do work hand in hard, this two abilities cannot, Let take a look at this.

Close Range Ability

Someone use to say, every monster card have it own purpose and mission to fulfil irrespective of the abilities its possess, the most vital part is do you know your cards and when to make use of them, the abilities are just there, they are there to give you that hint and how to apply them to the rule given. Since the existence of the 3 cards (Melee, Magic, Range) only of doesn't have the grace to act as a frontline unless the rule rule say so which is rare, even back then you there not use range as a front line except you want it to take the hit without attacking, even when it got implemented, only few have such ability. Things will start changing since Fernheart is here, people can now use rangers freely and some rules will start changing especially this rule that doesnt allow melee attackers, most time I do opt for magic cards only and I use use Lord Arianthus as my frontline because it contain all counter ability except return fire and back it up with lot of magic cards but now, I can mix all or use all rangers with Lord Arianthus if am to use earth element.

Return Fire Ability

Should I say Yodin Zaku is now fully in trouble because of this ability, when they brought in Yodin Zaku we all knew it as the baddest card ever because of the blast ability which do extra damage to cards adjacent to the target card, and also the extra range attack, most start users start pairing range cards with zaku, if you are seeing zaku, be expecting 3 or 4 rangers ready to attack, I do use this strategy also but when they introduce Lir Deepswimmer such strategy reduce a bit mostly because of the return fire ability, If you use zaku and your opponent use deepswimmer, there is high change you might lose that battle because it will keep returning damage back to range attackers but this cards are really costly so it wasnt use often in lower league battle but usage is really high in champion league.

Now that we have Ilthain things will be changing in lower league, people can easily counter rangers in battle and also make use of the extra speed this summoner has, speed is very vital in battle as it give you the advantage to attack first. I will start using this cards so when I figure where to place them, I hope things turn out well..