Cursed Windeku | The Nightmarish Creatures

Boom, It is time for this week splinterlands weekly battle challenges and one of my favourite melee death monster card got picked unlike last week when we were to use prismologist, a life range card. I couldn't participate because I rarely use that card and using it in battle was really hard because I kept on loosing anytime I use it and after lot of trial, I just give up and decided to skip last week challenge but this week pick is actually a good one. Cursed Windeku was selected which is a 6 mana capped melee card with good stats to start with especially when maxed.

Currently, maxing this particular card cost 41$ and it really worth it because of the 3 maxing combo ability, firstly is the thorns at level one which deal damage back to any melee attackers, healing at level 5 which heal a portion of the monster health every round and slow ability that reduce all enemy monster speed by 1. when using death element or if am pairing dragon with death, windeku is one of my best option for the frontline position if am not using Djinn Chwala because it tend to last longer in battle and you can boost it surviving chance if you pair it with some tank healing card like pegasus. Let take a look at my battle

Screenshot 2022-12-29 at 19.49.40.png

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The battle wasn't a big one because of the 14 mana cap we were given with the lost magic rule which prevent the use of magic card in the battle and we can only choose between life and death element. I went with death element instead of life and decided to use Cursed Windeku as my frontline which have the thorn and healing ability at level 6. I also backed it up with shadow snitch mainly because of the affliction ability, even though the reach ability give it the chance to attack from the second position, something told me my opponent will likely come up with a healing ability card as his frontline and the only way to tackle such ability is using affliction to prevent it from healing. Lastly, I use Shadowy Presence with the strengthen ability to increase my monster health since I only have one mana left.

Like I predict it, I wasn't really surprise with his choice since he brought in windeku too but with Snitch affliction, I prevent it from healing with just one strike and that gave me more advantage over him, he went all in with melee cards while my summoner reduce the attacks by 1, still can't imagine why he picked the wrong summoner in this kind of battle though but that was his lost and my win.

Screenshot 2022-12-29 at 20.14.08.png

His last monster card standing, but he was able to destroy my Snitch card using Maggots with the opportunity ability but the damage is done already and it was a flawless victory for me.