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The splinterlands weekly battle challenge is here again and I almost miss it this time around, we are taking a deep dive into the life element monster cards this time around and the cards which was picked felt somehow to me, maybe because I never tried the card out before and I didnt even levelled it up one bit. When I saw the post announcement, I had to check my collection to see if I have it and I was surprised I only have just one of it and checking out the stats to see the ability made me like the card a little bit since I saw the affliction ability which prevent the target from healing and also amplify which increase any returned damage by 1. The luck card for the week is Dax Paragon, a life element 2 mana capped magic monster cards.

As an epic cards, it really cost around 35$ to max it currently so I had to rent the card since it is my first time trying it out, since I am playing in the Gold league, i still have it up to lvl 5. So I had the battle with @jjcc7 in a 20 mana capped battle with the target practice ( which give all range and magic card the snipe ability) and also the silence summoner rule which prevent summoner from adding their abilities in battle and we could picked between life, death or dragon element. So I paired dragon with life since I have this feeling if he choose death, there is a chance he will use some thorn and healing cards like windeku since I love using it in low mana capped battle like this but the monster cards picked for the week, made me choose life instead of pairing with death, so I need to plan this well.

Screenshot 2023-02-12 at 19.13.33.png

battle link

Firstly I picked Djinn Chwala as my frontline since the stats is strong and the ability thorns and enrage which increase the attack and speed when the health is attacked is very useful, there are couples of time i weigh chwala and manticore together I know chwala have more chance to survive well in battle, so I backed it up with Manticore which can always attack from the second position due to the reach ability. Then I use the main cards Dax Paragon with the hold that the affliction ability will really perform magic this time, Celestial Harpy came around since I have 2 mana capped left and this cards always help a lot in my battle since it has the opportunity ability and it cant miss any attack because of the true aim ability, leaving harpy as a backline is really a bad choice because they can destroy it easily so I use my two zero mana capped monster cards Furious chicken and soul Fiend to protect it a little.

I wasn't surprise when I saw what my opponent brought on board, windeku and uraeus were my biggest concern but I know have some cards onboard to counter it, but he was really wise using riftwing to counter the snipe attack. Because of the target practice rule, the affliction ability didn't affect the monster card I wish it affected (windeku) since dax only attack riftwing before he destroy it with strangler but the amplify ability acted well and I was able to destroy his windeku which now make the battle more easy to win, and I destroy all is cards with two of my card (chwala and manticore) still standing strong, It was really an eazy peasy win.



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