Dhampir Stalker | The Half-Vampire Range Monster

Finally I can drop the splinterlands weekly battle challenge using this particular monster card called Dhampir Stalker after lot of failed attempt. As in it wasn't easy for me winning a battle while trying to neglect some of my favourite death card and fixing in Dhampir which is one ranger card I rarely make use of, also the mana rules I was receiving with the battle mana cap wasn't favourable, I almost give up, and was about to pick another monster card battle to talk about when I saw the right mana cap to use. When I checked the announcement to see the card for the week, I was skeptical if I will really write the post, this is a range card with 7 mana capped and a good range stat when maxed, I actually love one of the ability which is true strike which doesnt miss any attack irrespective of the opponent card ability, and also death blow which will deal 2x damage if the opponent have only one card left.

The death blow ability rarely work because most times the battle might be tough and there is high chance the ability wont be activated because dhampir might get destroyed sooner than expected, sine it is a range card unless there is a rule the card can attack as a frontline, you will always want to place it as a backline which will make it vulnerable to sneaky attacks or probably snipe attacks, who knows, it might be a badass card if it also have the close range ability since the strength is really good and it can act as a frontline. Let take a look at the battle.

Screenshot 2022-11-12 at 21.38.10.png

The battle was between I and Olf-summoner in a 52 mana capped battle with the weak magic rule which make magic attack to hit armour first before hitting health and also lost legendaries rule which doesn't permit any legendary monster cards in the battle. we could choose from any element except fire and I had to pick dragon coupled with death element to give me more chance since the mana capped is huge. I add to use Djinn chwala as my frontline since it is strong with the enrage ability to boost his stats up and also thorn to deal damage back to any melee attacker. Manticore to back it up since it have the reach ability and also with the thorn. Phantom soldier which is my favorite magic card with the void and silence to reduce magic attack, Queen of crows a riftwatcher card which I rented today because of the amazing abilities which is the close range, slow and headwinds. This card is really good also and still trying to test it out to see how good it is in battle then I placed the main card next to it since it doesn't have the close rang attack and lastly, I use Sand worm with the strong melee attack also the sneak ability.

I actually placed sand worm last thinking i can protect Dhampir stalker with it but I was wrong when I saw what the opponent brought on board, he came with some good cards too and also a taunt to suppress my attacks on him. I was able to free myself by destroying the taunt monster cards but his opportunity monster was able to destroy dhampir on time since it is the the card with the least health stat.

Screenshot 2022-11-12 at 22.38.03.png

This is how the finally round went leaving only his Angelic mandarin with 3 of mine which make it a flawless victory.