Diemonshark | The Prey And Territory Hunter

Yeah it time for another splinterland weekly battle challenge, this time around the lucky monster card is from the water element and luckily for me, one of the strong melee card got picked. Diemonshark is one of my favorite melee cards that I always use in battle, mostly because of the stats even when it is a 8 mana capped, it possess some amazing abilities, Trample at level 1 which have the chance to attack another opponent cards whenever it destroy a card, Enrage at level 4 which increase all the stats when damaged, Retaliate at level 7 which give this card 50% chance of attacking opponent melee cards that attack it. When I saw how good this cards can be, I had to max it immediately and currently the card price worth 0.43$ per one and 43.47$ to max it at discount price, it really worth the price.

Starting the really deal was really easy since it is one of my favourite cards, I knew what I will be needing if I see a good battle rule. I was lucky to see one on time, it was a 56 mana capped battle with only Taking sides rule which won't allow neutral monster cards on board, and we can choose from any element except fire and life. I would have love to choose water directly but since we can dragon is available and the mana cap is really high, I decided to pair dragon with water so I can pick some high mana cap cards with good stats, since the rule isn't that hard, I need to just decide on which strategy and card to use. In some battles, what most users don't understand is that, your cards stat are really important especially when choosing a card with good strength and speeds so as to deal damage first,

Screenshot 2022-10-22 at 16.55.35.png


Since am battling in the Gold league, using my dragon summoner push diemonshark to level 7 which show all the abilities the cards posses at level 7, this will give you the chance to see how it full potentials. This cards is always good as a frontline except in some rules that allow melee to attack from other positions, in such rules, you can place this card in the middle so as to deal damage and prevent it from been attack. I backed it up with Manticore mainly because of the reach and thorn ability, this card is really good too and deal damage back back to melee attackers, Djinn Oshannus next with the amazing abilities to counter magic attack, Pelacor Bandit with the sneaky attack, I decided to hide the card in this particular position so as to attack the backline and also prevent it from getting destroyed on time but my opponent want to do bad thing to be. I still have lot of mana's left and I decided to use high mana cap monster cards, so I picked Chaos Dragon with the blast to deal extra damage and also scattershot incase my opponent use a taunt card, I also decide to do some wickedness and give him something he might not be expecting, so I picked Agor longtail which I rent the lvl 1, I use it as my backline so he can keep attacking it while I attack his cards.

Screenshot 2022-10-22 at 18.44.36.png

It was as if I saw his setup before picking my cards, because every cards I choose have the ability to destroy and counter his card, His mistake was that he choose cards with low health and less amour which isnt good enough, we all have our rule and strategy, maybe he taught his tank healer will save him, but my sneaky attack is there to destroy the healer, I won flawlessly with most of my cards still standing strong.