Furious Chicken | The Last Survivor

This week is really somehow to me and I never wish it was this stressful. It was a big week full of preparations for an upcoming wedding which happened yesterday, the preparation really kept me busy from most of my online activities, couldn't really sit down to think of ideas talkless of finding what to write about and I missed some days without dropping any content on my blog. Now that the party is over, even though am really tired, am back to continue my online activities where I stopped especially dropping daily content like I use to. Today, I was grinding on splinterlands, was giving a battle which I choose my strategy as usual, the battle was tough but I won because of a card I do underestimate a lot but this time around it really save me from losing this particular battle. The Furious Chicken is a zero mana capped neutral monster cards with weak health, strength and speed, this card is so useless to the extent that it isnt common and most users dont use it, I only use it most times to fill up positions because it doesnt cost anything since it is a zero mana card. Check out the stat below

Screenshot 2022-10-09 at 14.23.35.png

This card isn't cheap at all and I rarely see a max on in battle, but what surprise me the most is the enrage ability they gave this card at level 5, except in an equal battle rule where all monster card take the health of the strongest health card, the ability is useless, Just one magic attack will destroy it but checking out the est.power, it can always increase your collective power. There is this battle I faced where I just decide to insert this card to fill up my positions. Take a Look at it

Screenshot 2022-10-09 at 14.31.36.png


It was a lucky battle I had with @Jascha005, a 24 mana capped with close range rule which give rangers the change to attack as a frontline, and we can pick from all element except fire, I decide to pick dragon with death element. Since the mana cap it low, I decided to select well and fill all my position even though it is a close range rule, I limit my range attackers and decide to use Curse windeku as my frontline floowed by manticore then Revealer (a magic card with stun ability), double striker (Dhampir Inflitrator) and Xenith Archer. They all took all my mana cap and one space left, so I decide to use furious chicken as my backline while I wait for what my opponent is bringing on board.

He actually shock me by using magic cards all through while using a magic summoner for an extra magic attack but he use furious chicken as a frontline. When I actually saw the battle, I thought i will lose the battle but it is visible enough but the outcome was shocking, we both destroy our cards leaving only this two cards but lucky enough to attack first if not, he will defeat me lolz.

Screenshot 2022-10-09 at 15.04.04.png