Giant Killer Activation Mood | Check Out The Double Damage Spree

Since they introduce the chaos legion monster cards, there are some abilities I rarely notice especially in battle and this particular Giant Killer is one them. According to the ability, it will always deal double damage to high mana monster card that is cost 10 or more. I always see this ability but I rarely make use of it except I want to use this 1 speed monster card with bloodlust ability from the fire element Grum and that is if I have a reverse speed rule or I use jacek as my summoner which always boost the speed. I had this battle with a player that really got this ability activated

It was in a 99 mana capped battle which mean we both can spread our wings as we like and to top it all, we both where in diamond league so we could select our top cards, we could also choose from any element except water and the rule given were What doesn't kill you, amour up and fog of war, which look interesting to me because they just prevent us from using either sneak or opportunity ability, and in this kind of rule, I do love to use magic cards the most if I want to pair with water or earth but this time around, I just decided to use fire element, I really didn't know what prevent me from using magic cards but I think I was high on using speed during those battle so I picked conqueror jacek as my summoner for both speed, piercing and scattershot ability, it was as if I knew we are going to have a strong and tough battle this time around.

battle link

I picked Grum Flameblade as my frontline with those amazing abilities and extra speed to boost it up, then I backed it up with Fineas rage, dived into range cards and I picked Molten Ash Golem, Lava launcher, I use doctor blight also and since there is no sneak, snipe or opportunity abilities, I use Tinderlock as my backline since the last stand ability will be really useful and it can also attack as a frontline. I submitted the battle and I was surprised what my opponent brought onboard, two different monster cards with the taunt ability, two double strikers and mostly magic cards, he really came prepare d but I was able to reduce the magic attack, the scattershot really help me to neglect the taunt and attack any monster cards, thanks to the recent modifications.

Watching the battle was really interesting and fun, seeing my Grum dealing 16 damage to my opponent monster cards while piercing through the amour and destroying each monster card, it would have been more fun if Grum have a trample ability, the victory would have been more easy and fast, you really need to check out this battle




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