Legionnaire Alvar | The God Killer

Splinterlore: Legionnaire Alvar earned the title of Godkiller after the Battle of Dargnilat, during which he single-handedly defeated one of the Old Gods.

Eyes have seen a lot within this week on splinterlands, there have been a some development from the team and also in my guild which is really awesome which I might talk about in my next splinterlands post but before then, low leagues battle are really making sense and very competitive too because they really have a lot of players lurking around. Since we just ended the season some days ago, moving higher in league and rating is the next thing I'm trying to focus on and also gather more chest before the season will end.

I'm here again to take part in this week splinterlands weekly battle challenge and luckily for me, we are making use of Legionnaire Alvar one of the amazing neutral melee attackers which was released with the chaos legion back in the days. I do make use of this card in battle but not frequently but checking out the cards stats especially when maxed is really amazing.

Screenshot 2023-01-22 at 12.56.42.png

I had to maxed the card immediately it came out because checking it out, even though it is a 9 mana capped card, it has void amour ability to complement the 9 amour it has which make sure all attack destroy the amour first before touching the health. The Giant killer ability allow it to deal double damage to higher monster cards from 10 mana and above, the demoralize reduce all enemy melee attack by 1 and lastly the deathblow which deal double damage to the enemy last man standing card, facing this card one on one is really deadly but the saddest part is that I rarely see this cards in battle though, maybe the mana cap is really too much or they just neglect it.

Let take a look at my battle with Quango1 in a 60 mana capped match with the Reverse speed which allow lower speeds card to attack first and also give them change to evade attack and also the Stampede rule that give all monster cards the trample ability which allow them to do multiple attack each time they destory a monster and the funniest part was the 2 element we can only choose from which was fire and earth. Since I have some strong low level cards that I rent in earth element, I decided to use it while I pick my earth magic summoner Obsidian to buff up my magic cards since I want to use them a lot in this battle.

Screenshot 2023-01-22 at 13.10.39.png


I just have to use the badass strategy and monster cards I could think of at that particular moment, So I use the main legionnaire alvar as my frontliner, since it is level 2, the void amour and giant killer is still available, the I picked oaken behemoth which is also strong with double attacks (magic and melee), I actually use it because of the reach and void ability and since I will be using extra magic attack, it is a must to use, then I picked Goblin psychic mainly because of the tank and affliction ability and also the speed is just one which will allow it to attack on time based on the rule. then Sporcerer, I rented this card too and I had to just use it because of the rust ability since I dont know what my opponent will bring on board. Kron the undying is a must in this kind battle if you have it in your possession, it is strong and also the healing ability is really helpful and lastly runemancer florre which is a strong multi attack cards with 2 range and 2 magic attack.

when I saw what my opponent brought on board, I knew my setup is really a cheat, seriously if someone use this kind setup against me, I will shout out loud, it was as if I really mean him. The battle was really easy even though he tried his best though, I still beat him hands down with 3 of my strong monster cards still standing. It was truly a flawless victory this time around.



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