Life Sapper | Little Gods of Redemption Leeching On Victims

Checking out the weekly splinterland challenge and having a view of the lucky monster card is one thing I make sure to do weekly, This week lucky monster card is also one of my fav card when it come to low mana cap rule and if am going to use death element. The Life Sapper a card who is partly alive and death have an interesting story backing it up, would have love to say a story but am not really good with it

There is this series I watched Alchemy Of Souls where the soul shifters typical resemble a Life Sapper because they are death but alive and have to leech on other souls to stay alive or go wild and be a disaster to the community. Taking a looking at this particular card image, even though scary at some point but really useful based on the two abilities it possess when maxed. Life leech which increase the card health each time it dealt a damage to the opponent monster cards and also Redemption which deal extra 1 damage to all enemy cards when this card is destroyed.

Screenshot 2022-09-23 at 10.45.29.png

Been a magic card make it more interesting to use even though it isnt that strong especially if it is target easily, If it is a melee or ranger card, I might not make use of this card except it have maybe a sneak or opportunity ability. The card is really cheap and with just 20$ you can easily max it. Let take a look at my battle setup.

It was a 32 mana capped battle between I and @jaysonman4 with the unprotected rule which remove amour from all monster cards used in the battle and making their vulnerable to attack because you can attack their health straight, we can pick from any element except fire and earth and I choose Dragon coupled with Death element. Based on the requirement, I need to consider lot of things before picking up a strategy to use, first of all I need to consider a strong card as my frontline with a healing ability, Haunted Spirit should have fit in but I decided to go for Cursed Windeku because of the extra thorns ability and it is also strong in both strength and health. Backed it up with Manticore because I thought he might use a earth summoner with the thorn ability, at least I have some thorns on board too.

Then I decided to go for magic monster cards all through, First of all, I picked Phantom Solider who is always gallant and able to silence all opponent magic cards, a void and also flying abilities. Then i put the main card next to it, even though I wish it will last long in the battle and probably not destroyed. I had to insert Shadowy presence because I had 1 mana cap left and it also have this strengthen ability. Magi necrosi took the backline based on the camouflage ability and it can also attack from the middle with the snipe ability.

Screenshot 2022-09-23 at 10.54.05.png

battle link

My opponent really shocked me by choose the death element instead of the earth element I was expecting but I think his setup was really not well organised because he really didnt use stronger cards. which gave me more advantage of destroying his cards and It was a win on my side. You can click the battle link to view the battle.