Lily Shieldpaw Coming Up | The Martyr Combo Effect

I didn't even know it is almost the end of the chaos legion pack airdrop since all the chaos pack will be sold out soon excepted the one kept aside, I was a little surprised when i saw the announcement because i wasn't expecting it so soon then I remembered 25k chaos pack got burnt daily.

lily shieldpaw.jpeg


The name really look good and also the 3 looking panda's, just like the Byzantine kitty, the designer really made the design with the idea of their panda pool group. The Stats of this summoner took me off guard since it will be a dragon based summoner, First was the Camouflage ability, at first I though it might be a wrong idea but I had to give it a thought and check out how amazing this kind of ability will be, normally in battles, you can't attack a camouflage based monster cards unless it is in the first position, now just imagine all the monster cards on board have this ability, that means you will only attack the frontline which will be acting like a taunt based card while the other monster will be safe yet attacking your cards. I just cant imagine more users might be using a strong strategy when using this card and also use two main ability to buckle up their strategy, the void amour which allow you to hit the amour first, and also the Repair ability.

The frontline will always be a strong one which can stand strong even when attacked, until we try out the new summoner before we can know what to do, the second ability is the Triage which heal backline monster card that have taken damage but since they have camouflage ability and only the frontline will take damage except your opponent use scattershot ability which is now modify to attack any monster card, will the triage work or not, one part i will need to find out when I try out this particular summoner.

It has been hot this week since @zaku opened our eyes to how amazing matyr ability can be if placed well in battle and he also showed us one battle that boost the stat of Fresh Golem and combining it with last stand ability took it a level I never imagine it could reach, a whole 12 melee damage, like I was really surprised

Screenshot 2023-02-24 at 19.42.42.png

battle link

It actually worth sharing, and I love the idea when he put the Golem in between two martyr card when he fully know the noxious fume will destroy both cards to activate and boost Golem. I really can't have such thought in that kind of battle but kudos to that strategy. when he shared it, we were amazed, i really dont have a martyr card yet and it is not rentable for now but someone other players decided to check out the strategy in their own battle and it really work well, I will surely drop the link below. I know battles will start getting more interesting and even more hard for some players who doesn't have those amazing abilities in their collections wont have the chance to win some battles.


check out this battle link to see how amazing the strategy was


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