Lobb Lowlands | Changing The Earth Realm Gameplay | A Major Move On Lower Leagues

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Since the announcement of the Soul Bound cards and the fact that we all have the chance to earn this particular set of cards from chest rewards since they aren't available on market yet, I knew things will start getting tough especially to those that aren't lucky enough to grab the cards quickly. After reading the announcement and I found out, we can now use gladiators in normal battle only if we have the summoners with the Constript ability and I was glad all element will have one of this summoner. Out of all this summoners, I was patiently waiting for the earth element summoner Lobb lowland because this card really have a lot of potentials especially in lower leagues and it will be more deadly if someone actually level it up to Gold leagues and above and paired right with some certain cards.

I remember some season back when I decided to battle in the modern section and I was in the bronze league because I didn't even focus on that modern aspect since it was released so I had to build my rating from 0, I try some few strategy which failed and I had to check out some top bronze league battle, found out they only use 3 element mostly, fire, life and earth but earth is really common especially if the battle mana cap is high and they always went in with magics cards. I had to rent kron and scarred mage to boost my chance anytime I had 16+ mana capped battle and it always work out, both combo in lower league is really superb. There is another monster cards most player really fear a lot and this monster card is also from the earth realm and to top it all it is a gladiator with the healing and bloodlust ability which is Quora Townsheard. This monster card is feared by all especially in brawl battle and most guild had to ban other users from using it, I only have it in level 1 since I wasn't lucky enough when opening gladius pack so I started using it like that in brawls since most are afraid of it and it work perfectly well and I do won most of the battles.

Now bringing in lobb lowland which now give access to this kind monster cards in lower leagues, do you know what means, Fatality battles will be up to watch. I actually wait for some days because I saw Lowland summoner in my rewards and I decided to check out the formation that was lurking in my head since the announcement and I wasn't really surprised with the result.

Screenshot 2023-02-19 at 17.33.28.png

battle link

I had this 30 mana capped rule in modern battle and we have the standard rule and we can pick any element, so I went with Lobb Lowland so as to pick quora as my gladiator and also reduce my opponent speed. Since lower leagues don't really have strong cards in terms of ability, I picked Mycelic infantry as my frontline, backed it up with uraeus with the sneak ability, then I use Fungus Flingers, a range card with the martyr ability which add +1 to all stats of any adjacent monster card and I purposely placed it near quora to boost it starts, so i place Quora as my backline. Went in and what my opponent brought on board was not that surprising but he trying to reduce my magic attack with his summoner. He really destroy most of my cards and I was only able to destory his frontline leaving Quora to face 5 of his monster cards.

Screenshot 2023-02-19 at 17.49.40.png

I can't but imagine how amazing it might be if there is a last stand ability present at this stage lolz, as I was destroying his cards, It was increasing in stats because of the bloodlust and also healing up, it was really amazing to watch and I was able to destroy all his cards and won the battle. I have tried this same setup (Quora with lobb lowland) and it works really well. You can always check it out if it will work for you. Just imaging how power both combo will be when maxed.



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