Magi Necrosi | The Spawn of Chaos

It is the time of the week when I will be dropping my splinterlands weekly battle challenge content, I'm actually happy with this week selection to be honest because one of my favourite camouflage monster card really got selected this time around and that card is Magi Necrosi which was released with the chaos legion set in the death element. I actually fell in love with this card when I saw the abilities at first sight, apart from the fact that it is a magic monster card, the snipe (which allow it to attack any monster that isnt melee and also not in the first position) and also the camouflage ability ( which prevent any monster card to target it until it reach the first position). Even at level 1, this abilities are really active unless the rule say others. There is no day, I will decided to pick the death element without using this cards, most of my selections is based on magic cards mostly because I want those health attacked while neglecting any form of amour.

The two last ability which is the Oppress (while make it deal double damage to any no attacking monster cards) and also the stun which always make it target missed a turn cant be left out. Since I dont really battle at the top league, I really didn't max this card, most times I only reach diamond league except I wish to rent more cards to move to the champion league which isn't that necessary to me. Let take a look at one of the battle I had with @yonilkar in the brawl we just completed recently. It was a high based battle since we were given 60 mana capped with the keep your distance (which doesnt allow any melee monster cards), ferocity which give all monster card fury ability ( it deal double damage to any taunt ability monster) and lastly heal out which prevent any monster card from healing. Lastly we can pick from any element except life and dragon, checking all the criteria and rules given, I knew what to go for based on the cards I have in my collection. Most times I do make use of water element when I have the magic summoner but now, I decided to pick death element and selected what I think is the best card to use.

Screenshot 2023-02-17 at 20.28.17.png

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I actually thought he will be using most magic cards like me so I decided to at least counter him with some magic reflect cards so I picked Prismatic energy which also have the void to reduce magic damage, Djinn Muirat to support it. Phantom Solider is one of my best magic cards too especially with the silence ability which help in reducing magic attack, then Dhampir Stalker which is a range card with true strike ability, then octopider which is also a range card. Lastly as my backline is the main magic card Necrosi. Sitting back to look at my selection was really a nice one and I was very calm when I saw what my opponent brought onboard. First of all we both use summoner that isnt in like with the rule but his selection was way worst than mine, his cards are mostly lvl 1 which put him at some disadvantage because they aren't that strong, then he went ahead to use range cards all through, I laughed though maybe he thought I might use a magic reflect summoner or didn't think his strategy through and also using cube that cant heal is a bad idea.

I was able to attack him back to back and also able to destory his alchemist with the halving ability which is one of the ability I hate if my opponent use it against me. He really face the wrong player this time and I beat him hands down with only one of my card destroyed. It was really a great strategy I will always reuse in other battles.