Mycelic Infantry | The Lumbering Behemoth Fungus

It time for the weekly splinterlands challenge and we are diving into the earth element to pick one of the melee card with 1 speed named Mycelic Infantry. Even though the card is 8 mana capped and have some good stats ability, the speed serve as a disadvantage in most of the rule since it is just one except the uses want to pair it with cards that have swiftness ability to increase the speed or with summoners that can increase speed which can give it more chance to attack on time. I really don't like using this card even though I level it up to level 7, but I only use it in one rule if I want to use the earth element and the rule is the Reverse Speed which give monster cards with low speed the chance to attack first and also have high chance of evading attack.

Anytime I saw this rule and there is earth element option, I always pick this card but the abilities it came with isnt enough for me without a healing ability. Mycelic came with shield which reduce damage from melee and range attack which is a good one, Giant Killer that does double damage to opponent cards with 10+ mana cap and lastly the enrage ability that increase the melee attack and speed when damage. It doesnt have a sneak ability so I always put it as a frontline unless the rule says otherwise. Let check out the one I had with Phlows in a 25 mana capped battle and we can pick any element except fire.

Screenshot 2022-12-17 at 19.51.41.png

battle link

When I saw the rules which was Super Sneak, which give all melee card the sneak ability, and the Reverse speed, I picked up earth element straight up and use Lyanna Natura because of the extra health and I put Mycelic Infantry as my frontline and back it up with Centauri Mage which is a magic card, I actually thought he might come with a thorn summoner to counter my melee attack and with this I can still be safe, I had to use Pelacor Mercenary as my backline because of the healing ability, so it can heal when attacked. I just add furious chicken just to take the damages before pelacor.

When I saw his selection, I was wow at first because he really came prepared, with most of his 1 mana cap cards and his summoner gave him extra amour but what give me more advantage was the extra speed he got from summoner which made him missed most of his attacks and I was able to win the battle. Following the rules given always make things easy at times.