NERISSA TRIDAWN | Lordess Of Enchanted Trident


It is time for the week splinterlands battle challenge and I'm really glad this time around since the lucky monster card picked for this particular week is from the water element and also a magic card, actually one of the high stat magic card from the chaos legion but the saddest part was it didn't have any ability that came it with. Nerissa Tridawn, Lordess of enchanted trident is one card I do make use of averagely because of the 4 magic attack since i level it up to level 4 and the health which is 10 is really huge. The reason why i use it averagely is mainly because of the 9 mana capped, and I dont use it except I have a huge mana capped battle and if I will be using water element at the moment in time.

Even though the card currently worth $66 averagely for a maxed Nerissa Tridawn, I rarely see other users make use of it in gold league or maybe I wasn't that lucky to see my opponent make use of it, the card is actually a good one especially if you pair it with magic summoner which will increase it with one extra magic attack, buffing it in this aspect will make the card dangerous except when facing a forcefield ability card which can make all the 5+ attack useless lolz, I actually hate it when my opponent use that forcefield ability against me. Let take a look at the battle for the week I had with zyllarx in a 58 mana cap (my type of mana cap) with the Holy protection which give all monster card the divine shield shield which make them ignore their first attack, up to eleven rule which give all monster card the amplify ability which increases any return attack damage by 1 and the silence summoner which prevent any summoner to use any ability but we were to pick between fire, water and life element.

Screenshot 2023-01-29 at 16.49.18.png

Battle Link

Huge mana capped battle always give me joy to be honest because I always have time to spread my wings and comfortably select the summoners I will bring to the table. Since no summoner will use their ability, I went with water element and decided to pick Diemonshark as my frontline mainly because it is really strong with trample and enrage ability, back it up with flying squid with the reach and blind ability, the Reach ability make it useful in the second position which is cool and the blind ability to just blind my opponent lolz. Picked my 3 high mana capped magic cards, Oshannus, Nerissa and Captain Ghost, then i decided to balance it with sand worm with the sneak attack just to make it 3 melee, 3 magic cards while I wait for this monster cards.

He literally came with everything and me seeing a runi among his monster cards most give me some shock because that is the last monster card I expect especially the abilities it possess. His selection was really good I must say but we are here to claim the victory with whatever strategy we use, even though his two opportunity monster card gave me some goosebumps, I was kinda happy he didnt use any sneak attackers, I was able to destroy his sea monster with my first 4 strike, it was a tough one, we both destroy each other monster cards until the one standing

Screenshot 2023-01-29 at 17.24.43.png

Nerissa Tridawn vs Runi on a one on one match, it was really interesting to watch but true be told, it was an escaped victory because after I destroy the runi at first, it resurrect back and almost give me heart attack lolz but I gave it the last blow and destroy it, thank God Nerissa is a magic card and can neglect amour if not, it will be a long story to talk about. You might want to check it out.



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