New Rules & Monster Cards | Are We Really Ready For This New Update

This week on splinterlands came with two major changes which I wasn't expecting on my part here, it was really a huge announcement/update to the community as a whole. I was actually reading some messages on discord when I came across a test net battle but what I actually saw was totally different from the cards I do play with then I got to learn new cards and ability will be coming in soon, I was curious though but I had to wait for the announcement so as to know what is actually going on and to my surprised, the announcement came up some hours later and I was wowed because they will be updating the chaos legion with new cards. Even the one we have at hands, we haven't use them to our satisfaction, now we have to anticipate new cards with new strategy to use.



I kinda love the graphics though, they really look catchy and monstrous but the fact that 43 different cards will be added will somehow change a lot of things and the surprising part is they will all be soulbound which wont give anyone access to either buy, rent, sell or even transfer them until they are out of print, seem interesting but not interesting, who will want to own cards that they cant even sell or rent till they are out of print which will likely take years when they aren't gladiators. The other part I love about this update is the fact that we all have the chance in getting this cards since we can purchase them but we have chances to see them in loot chests. This will make all users craving for this new rewards cards to engage and battle more so as to get more points/loot chests but they still have to watch their ECR because there is no change to that.

The new abilities that will come with this cards caught my attention the more, I wish i have access to test time out but curious waiting till they release it. First is the Conscript ability that will give us access to now use one Gladiator monster cards in normal battle which isn't brawl based but what I don't understand is that will this ability be on all the 6 summoners since they will only release 6 summoners in total and limiting this ability to some element might give them upper hand since they will be able to use gladiators, some users will surely target this more so as to use it against their opponents. The martyr ability look like an op ability to me since it will always give +1 to all stat of any adjacent monster cards beside this ability whenever this card got destroyed, which look cool and even more dangerous when paired with resurrect ability cards. The more interesting part is placing it beside gladiators but the saddest part is the changes that will be coming in to bloodlust ability, now Dispel ability will remove bloodlust ability complete and also the speed will increase during a reversed speed rule which is sad but we have no choice though. I would have love to talk about the weapon training ability but to be honest I don't really understand it until I try it out.

Out of this announcement, the one that really got me vexed somehow is the change in rule announcement and how they now set those rules, as in some rules I now receive or see around are really abnormal, we can now have 3 rules together in battle instead of the normal two which is quite fine though when I read the announcement and also finding out we now have two new rules Going out the distance which allow only magic cards in the battle and also Wands out which give only range monster cards access, this wand out is someone because range cards cant battle as a frontline except it has the close range ability which some summoners possess especially fernheart but the rule combination with the mana capped attached to it is really alarmy and not going well at all.

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 11.45.56.png

see this rule combination, it kinda make battle even more complicated and picking out what monster card to use is somehow hard, you only have upper hand if you have summoner that have the ability. I even saw the one where we can only use magic cards in battle yet with magic reflect rules, it was really an abnormal combo. I think we have to deal more with this new rules. Below is one of the battle i had abnormally lolz

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 11.51.37.png

battle link

My jaw literally dropped when i saw this battle to be honest, all range cards yet return fire ability, like how manage, I didn't know what to do because I dont have any summoner or ranger cards in earth or dragon element that have the close range ability, I had to login in to peakmonster site immediately to quickly rent fernheart before the 2 mins time will elapsed and literally didn't care about the renting fee, I just want to try the battle out. Since I now have a close range summoner, I just have to set which range cards to bring on board since they can now attack as a frontliner, My setup was confusing to even me but I still won the battle lolz, will talk more on this when I get my bearing soon. really waiting to see these new cards.