No Attack & Stampede | Testing Out Some Strategy In Battles

Engaging in daily splinterlands battle have been awesome so far, we keep learning new things and even step up new strategy to use every now and then since the goal is to have more wins even if possible win all battles. I try to watch some battles today through the top battles section to see what others players are bringing on board and also to see some strategies, since I really don't have most of the cards in my collection, I still took note of somethings.

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battle link

When you see some battle rules and mana cap, lot of ideas will start flowing in, because you need to think of the monster cards to use at that particular battle and probably something your opponent might not expect. When I was given this particular 13 mana capped battle with the keep your distance rule and we were to choose from any element except earth and life, I hard to check my opponent previous battle even if I cant see his username. Since the rule wont be giving access to melee attackers and the mana is short, I decided to use only non-attacking monster card is this battle with the aim of making it stand strong till the end. My actually plan was to eliminate my opponent monster cards when the fatigue set in which reduce a certain amount of health each round.

Even thou I know he wont be expecting such if he check my previous battle setup, it was funny though but i choose Baakjira which is one of the no attacking monster card in water element and it has some certain abilities which are magic void which reduce magic attack, slow which reduce monster card speed, Strengthen that increase friendly monster health by 1 and lastly the Healing ability and I paired it with Meerdali Guardian which is also a non-attacking monster card with Tank heal to heal the card on the frontline and also Repair to repair the amour each round. The fatigue set in at round 21 as planned, it keep reducing opponent health while I kept on healing and it lasted till round 24 and I won the battle without attacking.

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Another badass rule to follow is having Melee Mayhem together with Stampede in a battle, this is rule really work hand in hand and give lot of chance to melee with Taunt ability since stampede make such monster to keep attacking when ever it destroy a monster card. I just have to use this to my advantage in this 20 mana capped battle, I decided to pair dragon with water element and use this 2 main card with taunt ability that I have, Diemonshark and Desert Dragon both have some abilities in common taunt and retalliate while having enrage and Piercing as their difference, both work like magic and I won the battle within 3 rounds.