Pelacor Arbalest: The Range Double Striker


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It is time for the weekly splinterland battle challenge and checking out the lucky card for the week gave me this kind of joy that i cant even explain, not really because it is a ranger card or came from the life element, gone where the days when i really love using the life element cards all through before things start getting though and more stronger summoner from other element start coming in. Checking out the life element is filled with the most monster cards with the Double strike ability, we have one from melee attack, now Pelacor Arbalest from range attack, now hoping to have one from the magic attack if that will be possible.

Let Take a look at the battle at hand, at first I was actually thinking of crossing over to the modern world and pick up the fight there but I remembered I rarely engage in modern battle and it wont even worth it mostly because I will be using level 1 cards so i picked wild battle and the mana capped given was really manageable based on the rule given. We had 36 mana cap with the target practice rule which give all magic and range cards the snipe ability and also lost magic rule with wont allow any magic cards, we both have to pick from melee and ranger cards, to top it all, we were to pick from any element except fire and water element, even though water is my fav and that is because of the magic attackers, now they aren't giving me the opportunity to pick any, with how things is, am left with death, life or dragon, using earth element is a no no for me. Since I need to do the weekly task, I decided to pick dragon coupled with life, since both element have enough double strike cards to actually use in this battle.

My Formation

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check battle link here

I actually dont know what my opponent will be bringing in or which element he or she will choose but most times you just have to select based on your own imagination. Since there is a chance he might be using more melee attackers than rangers, I decided to pick Djinn Chwala first because it is really strong in health, armour and attack plus it the thorns ability in level 3, supporting it with Manticore a melee with the reach ability, I wish am playing in Gold league already, it might have the thorn ability also. I really dont know what to use next after this then something told me why not pick double striker to complete the formation and I have like 3 of them. Firstly I use Slivershield Assassin with the double striker and also a sneak ability, then use the main card which is also a double striker. i remembered there is a double striker in my dragon collection with a 4 mana cap and also sneak attack known as Dhampir Infiltrator, lastly I use Uraeus with the sneak ability as my backline.

I actually thought I picked it really well but my opponent gave me the shocking moment and decided to use a earth summoner with the thorn ability, he guess right I will be using tons of melee attacker in the battle. He used lvl 1 cards but definitely with low speed which gave me some upper hands to really attack first, The double strike ability really helped me here because I was able to destroy his useful cards on time before the thorn ability really destroy mine and I won flawlessly. Check it out through the battle link.