Possibilus the Wise | Only If It Can Affect All



Splinterlands Team just released the latest chaos legion legendary water summoners that is yet to come announcement some few aways ago since we only have around 230k chaos legion pack sale to go before it touches 1m total pack sales and according to them, the sales might touch 1m in the next 10 days which is a good news to those who will be lucky enough to receive this particular summoners while the rest of us will get ours from the market section as usual or probably rent them. First of all, kudos to the whole Team possible for putting up this particular monster card design, A dragon that fit the water real, it is really amazing and I hope it fire will be blue in nature like the white walker dragons in game of thrones.

No one will see this announcement and just pass it by because we all have been curiously waiting to see what the next locked airdrop card will look like, since it is a legendary water summoner, I am partly ok with it because I am one of the water element fans mainly because of those juicy magic cards they packed in the water realm. Looking at the what it looked like, even though it is a 6 mana capped cards, two special abilities got my attention which was the Trample and Reach abilities, what first came to my mind was that, Stampede rule will start getting more interesting because it give trample ability to keep attacking opponent monster cards as long as they destroy the card they attack completely and I even wrote about one strategy to use in my previous post and also the reach ability that give melee attacks the chance to attack from the second position, I know the reach ability might only apply to melee monster cards only because magic and range cards can always attack from their angles so I had to read further to know the fate behind this trample ability



Really a shocking announcement to know this ability will only be applicable to melee attackers only too, really bad because that really kill the vibe, I was even thinking battles might be more interesting imagining magic and range cards also have this trample and can actually use it in battle, it might be a straight win or like a cheat code, making it only applicable to melee cards really reduce the advantage of using this card except you have some melee based rules like the only melee cards can attack or the one that give out sneaky ability.

This will really have some negative impact on this cards and even the price might reduces drastically than expected but who knows, it might still worth it when use in battles. As we wait for the summoner drop, don't forget to join us on splinterland. Battles Continue