Regal Peryton | The Earth Flying Magician

We are back to the earth element based on the monster cards selected, last week it was water element were we make up of Diemonshark a melee monster cards but right now we are diving into the earth realm and luckily for us, a magic monster cards got picked. On my part, I rarely make use of earth element unless I want to pair it with top earth summoner like the llama mage or Prince Rennyn but at times if I want to go all magic I will use it with Obsidian because it give extra magic attack to all magic monster and we know how wonderful this cards are when it come to attacking opponent cards, they go for health straight up except stated otherwise.

The stats really make me love this cards especially the speed, having cards with huge speed it somehow rare, In splinterland battles, speed is really important and also give you some high advantage like attacking first and at times you opponent low speed cards wont be able to hit you, coupling the speed with flying ability can make it special. The card actually cost 36$ to max which is really cheap.

The Battle Strategy

Screenshot 2022-10-27 at 17.05.43.png

The match was a 40 mana capped battle between I and @bestpartnerever, the mana capped was huge but the rule given was creepy, we had the weak magic rule which make magic attacks to hit amour first before touching health and also the lost legendaries which prevent us from using legendary cards in this battle. We were to pick any element except life and water. This kind of rule went against magic normal flow and i had to think of what to pick, normally I will prefer using melee and range cards in this kind of rule but I remember Earth element is also an option, what if the opponent choose earth and decided to use Mylor Crowling as summoner, it will be to my disadvantage and I dont want to risk that, so I went in with most magic attacks and also use Obsidian to boost the attacks.

I decide to use Pelacor Mercenary as my frontliner mainly because of the two abilities flying which have the chance to evade attack and healing, this card health is also very strong. I backed it up with Centauri Mage a magic card with return fire ability which return attack to range cards. The I use Prismatic Energy which has magic reflect to return magic attack and also void to reduce magic attack damage. On a norms, this should go before centauri mage but it is what it is. Then I use the main card next. I need a tank healer at least to support the setup and also sustain my frontline so I insert Goblin Psychic which also have affliction to prevent victim from healing and lastly, uraeus took the backline with it poisonous sneaky attack.

Screenshot 2022-10-27 at 17.41.35.png

it was a flawless victory, I was surprised when he came with fire some cards with good speed but less amour which give me high chance to hit him well, The healer really work well and keep healing my frontline, Only Uraeus was destroy because it hit the opponent Naga fire wizard and got destroyed because of the thorn ability if now, there is high chance all my cards will be intact. I won the battle