SoulBound Cards Might Take Over Very Soon

Boom!!! since the announcement made by the splinterlands team, we spl players have been really curious about the cards they will be releasing this time around, I was actually curious to know if this set of cards will really worth the hype or worth waiting for. Apart from the amazing abilities that will be coming with most of them as announced, the monster stats are very important also, I'm actually happy we wont be purchasing this set of cards but earn them through the chest we earn while playing, which means everyone have a chance to own most of this cards if not all and this will even push most players especially the one that aren't active in a while to start playing because they will love to grab this monsters cards also.

Have not been able to perform well this season due to some reasons which kept me away from playing like I normally do but I got some of the soulbound card in my chest and I had to check out their stats and abilities. The first one was from the life element named Imperial Knight, Oh what a card

Screenshot 2023-02-05 at 19.30.47.png

even though it is a common card, I already which I have up to level 6 of it but it will surely take a while levelling this card up, the stats is really amazing, having a void amour, healing and magic reflects, this card will surely be a badass and it will really replace Uriel the purifer at some point or even scared unicorn, finally have a soulbound frontline like card.

Screenshot 2023-02-05 at 19.42.31.png

Another amazing non attacking summoner to start using during the target practice rule which give all range and magic cards the snipe ability, putting this particular cards in the second position between two strong melee and magic cards, and you should now pair it with some speeds, to make it invisible to attacks, with the dodge ability which give it chance to evade melee and range attack, backfire to deal two damage back make them compliment each other, and once they destroy this card first, boom the martyr ability will be activated which will give +1 stats to the two adjacent monster cards. There are lot of strategy to create with all this cards.

Screenshot 2023-02-05 at 19.50.50.png

I know a good badass card when I see one, kulu mastermind with the opportunity ability, only the high mana which is 9 might be the only issue here because one will have to think twice if he should use this instead of deeplurker, but if the mana capped is enough, I will rather use this instead of deeplurker since this have some amazing abilities that complement it and the stats is way better. Using this in a noxious fume rule paired with baakjira or gelatinous cube, is giving me some kind of feelings, never have I imagine this two non- attacking monster cards have the power to fight in battles, This set of weapon training abilities monsters cards are now game changing cards if used well in some rules.

There are lot of things to talk about but I have to wait till I have those cards to see how amazing they will be, this is really a great opportunity to earn some free cards to your collections even if they are not purchasable, they will really worth having and using them in battles.



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