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The spinterlands monster selected for the weekly named Spirit Hoarder is one of the few neutral legendary monster cards I don't have in my collection and I never for once rent it or make use of it in battle even though I know it exist, and this should be the first time I will see it been choose as monster for the week. This chaos monster cards is one of the low mana capped card (3) and the stats is very below average but with some amazing abilities, this abilities are most of the reason players will make use of this card in battle, actually what I had to check out before renting the card on peakmonster site since I'm battling in the gold league currently, I went for the level 3 card instead with 3 abilities which are Triage which heal the backline monster card that took the most damage, dispel which remove all positive effects on the target cards and blind which make all melee and range card have the chance of missing their target. Renting the card wasn't that costly but I really didn't know the position to actually placed the cards since it is magic but really weak, it still need protection.

I was able to find the perfect battle for it during one of my battle with @battlebugvk in a 52 mana capped battle with the Equal opportunity which give all monster cards the opportunity ability, Noxious fumes which apply poison to all monster cards and counterspell which give all monster cards the reflect magic ability. This rules combo is one of kind and someone had to think well enough before choose what he will be bringing on board, we could pick between earth, death and dragons. I always love combo and I decided to pick dragon with death element mainly because I have some cards with immunity ability and also since there is counterspell rule, choosing earth and using magic cards is really a bad move. I didn't want to use magic card at all in this battle but the main card is a magic monster card and I dont have range cards that will really stand strong with this kind of rule, so I decided to mixed them all.

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I picked Djinn Chwala as my frontline as usual, then backed it up with Lord of darkness and hydra since melee have the opportunity ability which allow them to attack form any position, so I picked the main card Spirit hoarder next and use Gelatinous cube which is one card I always use during any noxious fume rule and lastly is the chaos dragon which i use for no reason. The funniest part was that, I didnt even use any immune monster card this time around but this combination really work together, I was satisfied with my selection so I submitted the battle.

He really surprised me with what he brought onboard especially the frontline agor longtail with the taunt ability to hooked down my attacks and only came in with melee attackers only but choose the wrong summoner since he didnt use any range cards. The main card Spirit Hoarder got destroyed first since the health is way low and it didnt even showcase the abilities. Lord of the darkness really helped a lot in this battle with the stunned ability which stun agor and prevent extra damage, just that attack change the whole battle and since my two first card had the enrage ability, it kind of boost their stats and I won the battle flawlessly.