Splinterlands OP Battle | Almo Cambio & Byzantine Kitty Combo

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This is the first time I will be doing this taking my time to look at some splinterlands OP battles that I just cant take my eyes of and really worth sharing. Every weeks I do share some strategies or even talk about how amazing some monster cards are in battle which most can reason with and even give it some trial to know if it really work well. This week, I came across some amazing battles that are really interesting to watch and to be honest worth sharing, I actually thought about if sharing it will be a good idea but when I gave it a second thought, many will see things battles and even make use of it in their battles or add it to their collections.

The first I came across was from @zaku the really op player, I remembered when I joined the Neoxian community years back which actually made me join splinterlands (Where I first learnt about the game), that was where I first came across the name zaku before I later find out there is a 7 mana capped summoner from the fire element named Yodin Zaku with the range and blast ability, I love that summoner though and it always perform well when use is some battles. Of recent, zaku do share his battle links especially if the battle is really amazing and he shared this one yesterday which was far more interesting to me, like I was amazed with my jaw wide opened because of what he came on board with.

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battle link

Almo Cambio is one of the non-attacking neutral legendary monster card that is missing in my collection, I literally view the card with one eyes and just scroll away without thinking twice of using it since I have gelatinous cube always available and I have it levelled up to 7 which give it scavenger and heal and I do make use of it especially in noxious fume rule but this particular battle is an eye opener, it really open my eyes to see how marvellous almo can be and how powerful it is in this certain rule especially when combined with kitty which really buff and gave it more advantage to survive and stay strong in battle.

It was a 14 mana capped battle and they have the explosive weaponry which give all monster card the blast ability, counter spell which give all monster card the magic reflect ability and lastly keep your distance that prevent them from using melee cards in battle. they could pick from any element except fire and life. In this kind of battle to be honest, I will be looking at obsidian paired with kron lvl 3 and with the last stand ability, it can buff the attack to like 6 magic attack and health to like 18 or so but the counter spell will surely work against it but he going deep to pick up almo cambio with kitty is really remarkable, it is really good to know your cards after all. Even though almo cant attack, the abilities that came with it counter everything his opponent might use, it as Immunity ( which wont take any negative debuff), phase which will make magic attack to miss, return fire to counter any range attack, blast ( which isnt useful here) magic reflect to return damage back to magic cards and lastly true strike which isnt useful too

The opponent really came up with his own best card but If I am the opponent, I will laugh at first seeing only one non attacking monster cards. But his cards health are really of average, they keep on attacking and still got damage back due to the magic reflect and return damage, there was a point where they almost destoryed almo but kitty sustained it till fatigue set in which later destroyed the attacking cards and also decide the last man standing among the non-attacking cards. The battle was amazing and really interesting to watch