Splinterlands | Will Sliver League Be Good To Grind In

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Finally the year 2022 came to an end and we have to start 2023 on a fresh note, but yesterday crossing over service was really amazing, the songs, the dance and seeing lot of people filling up the premises as they always do every last day of the year, it was fun and had to leave early because the service was long. Last splinterlands season was really a tough one for me, I wasn't able to reach my normal target which was the diamond league, I was really close like 100 point away to 2800 when the battle icon got disabled exactly 4mins to end the season. I was really pained because I always look forward to the diamond league every season, now I have to stick with the Gold league reward at the end of this season.

Even though the rewards are now shitty and not like what it use to be, Diamond league still have more luck than the Gold league, since the higher your league the better the reward. I was able to earn 32 seasonal chest after lot of attempt, it was hard at the beginner and I didnt play for something while trying to strategise but at the end of the season, I had 326 battles and won 160 out of it with 7 max streak and also ranked 199 on the leader board.

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I wasnt surprised when I saw what is hidden in the chest rewards, also usual all common and rare cards, legendary cards always show up by luck and the 65 sps was a shock even though it wasn't much but it is something. I earn a pack but I decided I wont be opening it, chaos pack nowadays doesn't really worth the hype like that only on some few cases. might open it later or just swap it for some dec token incase I feel like renting some cards.

I think I will just stay in sliver league this season, it is always nice battling at lower league while competing from some juicy dec reward at the end of the season. My cards collection isn't that strong in higher league but still ok to grind in sliver while I rent those heavy duty summoners to make it worthwhile. Renting high level summoner is now very costly, people have to spend tons of deck just to reach the level they need to achieve, I kind of find the renting fee somehow low for this league which will be more easy to get for me. Just trying to see what the league will generate this season.