The Dragon Dungeon | Unleasing Agor Longtail Power in A Double Taunt Battle

The weekend battle challenge is out as usual and guess what, we are battling with the dragon element while paring it with any other element of your choice. Using the dragon element one my part is really easy because it contain some strong monster cards that are rich in all start and also with amazing ability especially when paired with Byzantine Kitty which is one of the strong summoner we have on board. I dont have this summoner and renting it will really drain you out because the renting fee is way to high, I just have to use what I have at the moment.

I would have love to even use a full dragon deck becuase we now have more cards in this element which are really useful and can do more tasks on board especially when riftwatchers are now available and those cards are really deadly when use in the right position. Taking a look at the battle, we were given 58 mana cap to battle with which to me is really a good start, this can make use go wide with our selections, We were also giving the unprotected rule which remove armour from all monster cards and we were to select from any element except fire, water and death. Not really an earth fan except I want to go all magic if am not using water, so I picked dragon coupled with Life element, Prior to that, I rent some riftwatchers card especially the one with taunt abilities. Since we wont be using armour, I decide to use something different from my strategy which is the double taunt techniques, check it out.

Screenshot 2022-10-01 at 20.02.16.png

battle link

Since the mana cap is huge, I decide to use Coeurl Lurker as my frontline mainly because the card is really strong especially the strength as a melee, it possess the taunt, dodge and phase which give it the ability to really miss attacks from the opponent, Then I use Agor Longtail which is one strong dragon monster card when maxed because it possess double strength from melee and magic and also the abilities is really amazing which are flying, taunt, void amour and healing. I just love the healing idea of this particular cards. Using this two particular card is a bit deadly because I just put my opponent in a tight corner until he destroy this particular cards.

I decided to use some double strike card to deal double attack since I have some in my collections, I picked Slivershield assassin which is a melee attack with sneak, double strike and poison abilities which mean at a go it will deal 6 damage each round except it miss. I picked Dhampir Infiltrator which also have sneak, double strike and cripple and it can also deal 6 damage each round, The last double striker I have is a ranger Pelacor Arbalest and since I still have some mana cap, I decide to make use of it. Lastly Sand worm as my backline to deal high damage as a strong melee attacker.

Screenshot 2022-10-01 at 20.41.25.png

I had to wait so as to know what my opponent is bringing on board, I know he wont be expecting my strategy because it is really rare or should I just say newly discovered when you have a huge mana cap. I defeat him flawlessly and none of my monster cards got destroyed. You can check it out with this battle link