The Dragon Dungeons | An Easy Peasy Win

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Glad we are back to the dragon weekly challenge once again, dragon is one of the element I make use of the most in battles mainly because we have to combine them with any element and to top it up, dragons have some spicy monster cards with high stats and always stand strong in battles but before then, have you check out the recent announcement, first it was lily panda shieldpaw the last dragon summoner from the chaos legion that will be airdrop soon, gradually waiting for this summoner so I can try give it a try since the stats really look op and finally the seasonal renting announcement dropped in today and I was really glad, like finally we don't have to keep renting every 2 days and get the cards cancelled, we can now rent for a whole season which will be more easier and there is high chance renting fee might be way cheaper now since people will want their cards to get off the rental market as quick as possible, I still have to read more details on it.

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Back to the weekly challenge, I had this battle with danyaco in a 18 mana capped with What does kill you rule which give all monster cards the enrage ability, Melee Mayhem which give all melee monster the chanced to attack from any position and lastly is the Fire and regret which give all monster card the return fire ability( dealing damage back to any range attacker). We could pick from any element except earth, I wanted to cancel out any range attackers from the battle but I remembered the mana cap is really low so I wont be flexing about or select some big mana cap monster cards in this battle, So I had to think it well, I though of picking death element but I went with dragon combined with death to balanced the equation. Deciding what to use as my frontline between Cursed windeku vs Djinn Chwala was a hard decision, both are really good but from my previous experiment, Djinn chwala will always beat windeku in a one on one match, so I went with Djinn as my frontline card then I backed it up with manticore as usual since I guess my opponent might use melee attackers so thorns can always dealt damage back, I don't have much mana left so I use Furious chicken and Naga Assassin to balance up.

I was a bit shocked when I saw what he brought on board, he really select his cards well, 6 vs 4 monster cards, all melee with one range cards but I already have what can counter it on board so it was really an easy peasy battle. The battle didn't even last well enough, this is one kind of strategy I do make use of and will always use if the opportunity came up anytime. You can also check out which card is more ok to use between djinn chwala or cursed windeku, will love to know which one is far better to use in battle, hope you love the strategy?