The Healing Monstero | Noticing Bramble Pixie

Bramble Pixie.png

I'm actually smiling tonight checking out my splinterland cards collection and I really don't know why, maybe because I took noticed of a melee cards from the earth element together, Bramble Pixie is this card name, I really can't imagine how I do love using healing based cards in battle because they always stay longer since they can heal a portion of their health each round unless been act on by an external negative effect which is the affliction which prevent the cards from healing.

I was in one battle when someone actually use the card against me, like wtf, so there is a melee cards that have the reach and healing ability all together on spl and I never noticed it until now, we actually have tons of cards with different abilities in each level, so it is possible not to know all cards and stats especially if you don't have them in your collections, i had to rent the card immediately because it is really useful in some battle especially when using the earth element, even if it is possible, I dont mind using healing cards in all my battle formation, still waiting for that moment just to see how it will play out

Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 22.15.29.png

You wont really enjoy this particular card unless you are using the level 6 and that means playing in the gold league and above, now I have 3 strong healing cards to use, I still have to check around and see if I can get all filled with healing cards.

Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 22.20.09.png

battle link

I had to test it out in this particular battle and since it is a 52 based mana capped card, it really make it easier flexing my power and use high mana capped monster cards, so putting pelacor mercenary and bramble pixie together wasn't a bad idea then trying to boost bramble with a martyr card and using the 3 magic formation to fill the rest of the squad. When I saw what my opponent brought on board, I knew even what you thing is good might not be good, he came with some powerful formation and was able to destroy of my cards within second while leaving me with just the 2 healing melee cards which dealt justice back to him. This make me wonder, what would have happen if they aren't onboard?