The Mighty Baakjira | Baleenvast Monstrous Whale

They always say you will never know the worth of something until you make use of it or give it a try, I will really say that word is true, there are some cards in my collections that I always look down on and wont even try to make use of them anytime a battle comes up. It was after I tried it out that I know how good it was. I still remember when chaos legion day came, the feeling and how we were curious to see which cards will be on board, and as a water element user, I had to stock them up as soon as I can and I was really happy when I saw a non attacking monster with a healing ability when level up to 3 or maxed. We have been managing "Gelatinous Cube" for a long time and most times I always use cube during the noxious fume rule because it can stand strong with the huge health and healing ability.

Even though the card is a 6 mana card, the abilities it possess are amazing, it was as if it grab them all to itself. How will a no attacking card have void that reduce magic damage, slow to reduce opponent monster speed, healing to heal up a portion of it health each round and Strengthen that increase all friendly monster health. This abilities really aid the card and make it more stronger in battle unless the opponent is smart enough to counter it with some particular abilities like affliction that prevent the monster to heal itself or when your opponent use a monster card with the oppress ability that will do double damage to your non attacking cards.

I had to give it a try in this 25 mana capped battle with horny-goat and we were to pick any element, normally will love to choose the dragon element with life or water but I just decided to pick up kelya my water summoner because of the extra speed and shield. We were given the close range rule which allow range cards to attack in the first position and also the even elevens which give access to only even based monster cards. On a norms, I do make use of diemonshark as my frontline card but I just decided to test the water with baakjira as my frontline to see how strong it can be even if it wont attack and I had to support it with electic eels mostly because it possess reach and blast ability, double damage. I had to look for a monster card that can do some damage to other positions so I picked deeplurker with the opportunity and poisonous ability.

Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 21.30.59.png

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Medusa was my last option in this battle and was my best pick because with the stun ability, it work magic as a magic cards. It really prevent the opponent front cards from dealing more damage to baakjira. This is even the first time I will see it apply the stun ability more often. He came up with his earth element and I was really glad he didnt use any sneak attack which might have turn the battle to his favour if he kill my medusa and he didnt use any affliction cards. If you check out the battle you will be amazed how baakjira stood his ground till it last breath in battle