The River Nymph | Lordess Of The Water Element

Yet another time for this week splinterlands battle challenge is on and this time we are back to the water element section while the lucky monster card for the week is River Nymph, a magic monster card from the chaos legion with 3 amazing abilities when maxed. This card fell on an average category to me based on it stat but the abilities make it really useful, first is the cleanse ability at level one which remove all negative effect your frontline monster have each round, then the amplify ability at level 4 which increase all the return attack by 1, lastly is the swiftness at level 8 which increase the speed of all friendly monster card by 1. Using it with the maxed lvl card have lot of advantage, but I do make use of it because of the cleanse ability whenever I have a noxious fume rule that poison all monster cards on board, I always cleanse the negative effect and also the amplify ability if I want to use any thorns or magic reflect monster card.

The battle this time around was really simple with just one rule which was the Holy protection which gave all monster cards the divine shield ability which means the first attack will destroy the shield first before any damage will be affect the monster card. To make it more interesting, we were giving 44 mana cap and we could pick from any element. The mana cap is huge and give use the chance to use our best cards even if their mana is high. I decide to pick up water element but I didn't have stormbringer since I want to use magic cards so I picked Kelya instead to add extra amour and speed.

Screenshot 2022-12-11 at 21.47.57.png

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I had to pick up Diemondshark on of my melee card as my frontline first because it is really strong and the enrage ability do boost it stat when it is activated, then I went with magic cards all through and I picked Djinn Oshannus, Nerissa Tridawn, River Nymph and Venari wavesmith and I decided to just add Deeplurker in between based on the poison and opportunity ability it possess. My opponent shocked me a little bit when he paired Lux Vega with his fire element but he really didnt select his strong monster cards for the battle or maybe he thought I will be gentle in my selection. I was able to destroy all is monster cards easily after I destroy his grum flameblade and I won the the battle