[z2H] Day 1 - Snipes and Lessons Learned


Z2H Day 1

This z2h (zero to hero) series is to track my progression in the Splinterlands game and go over things each day. I started out with a $200 investment into untamed cards and from there I haven't done much of anything else besides play the game. So far this has me sitting back at low bronze levels.

With this series I'll be using a majority of the tokens/crypto earned from these post to buy into the game via SPS or decks. After a month we will see where we are at. Since it's February 2022 that means 28 days.

Todays Quest


Snipe quest - Win 5 matches

Battles and Lessons


The first battle I want melee mainly because that seems to be what I win on most of the time. However being that this is a snipe quest it could make sense to do earth which I feel specializes in it.

In this battle I put the heaviest card I had in the front for my tank and behind a few hitters however low. The magic on this one just destroyed me.

Result: Loss


So I went earth and put forth as much damage as I could. Granted all my summoner does is add +1 health to all cards. This ended in failure as well mainly because of the heal and the heavy tank in the back at 10! Those heals are crazy. Lesson learned heals help out a ton if you don't have the damage yet.

Result: Loss


So I changed it up a bit and put in a heavy tank with a heal and a sneak at 5 damage and still got destoryed resulting in yes you guessed it another loss lol

Result: Loss


So we changed it up even more! New summoner that does +1 magic damage and we used some of those cards that had been destroying me in hopes it would dish it back this time.

It didn't play out well yet again. Result: Loss

Ok Ok... Time to really dig in!

Lesson learned: Check the combat rules


This one had no modifications so lets just hit it. Switching back to the old summoner I also put a air unit in the front so that a total of 9 health with a heal on him. Not a huge amount of damage but with this setup they should live and continue to dish it out and guess what?

Result: WIN! (however we didn't use a snipe so it didn't count oof)

From there we started to focus a bit more on healing and tanking while making sure to have at least one snipe in the battle. After losing about 30 battles in a row after that I decided to give up and call it a night. Perhaps we can complete this tomorrow which I'll include in the day 2 postings. If you have any tips please feel free to send them my way but I just feel like everyone outclasses me right now after the season reset.


None yet but we will get there!