[z2h] Progress Isn't Always Easy

For the most part battles have been rough with the start of the new season as people get filtered back into older ranks and have to rebattle in order to move up again. While I totally understand this and get it it often makes these lower levels extremely hard to get anywhere in the first few days. Not complaining just a simple fact.

With that being said our Zero 2 Hero progress can finally be updated!
*All earnings from these post will be invested back into splinterlands packs, sps, dec etc.

I was able to complete a daily quest from two days ago finally after losing 30 some battles in a row it got a bit discouraging and I had to take a break. With that instead of some crummy few credits we actully landed a card! A card is always welcomed as it helps build our deck to be a little more powerful to battle vs others and rank up.

Let's be honest this card at low level does nothing besides attempt to last a little longer on the front line being that it has flying. It's not till level 4 this card starts to kick back.


From there I now have a water splinter quest of winning 5 battles. Let's take a look at a few of those and pick out some lessons learned and victories.


Result: Lost

I was thinking my front tank would be enough with the damage output but it quickly got destroyed while means I need a better front tank for water. So I switched it up a bit in the next battle.

Result: Lost

Ok that shield did ok but our damage output was crazy low. We need both damage and a very strong front from the looks of it so let's change up the battle plan again. A kind of good tank and all magic since we do get +1 magic from this summoner.

Result: WIN!

That magic damage did quick work so let's move forward with that. Decent tank and heavy magic attacks. From what I understand magic attacks always triggers first when there is a tie on speed. This gives me first hit advantage.

After a few more wins and losses we finally accomplished another daily quest and with it.


This puts us in Bronze 3
What's really cool is only a few days till post rewards from my first zero 2 hero post in which all of that will be invest back into the game.

I'm thinking we will invest in packs and open some up before anything else. What are you thoughts?


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