Splinterland Cards I bought and Rent for fighting in Silver League


Hello fellow Splinterlands Figthers and a Happy New Year 2022,


I had a rough Time trying to fight my way up in the League. But I made it into Silver II again for now.

I scanned the Card Market to see which Cards will hopefully give me an Advantage and give me enough Collection Power to raise up.

I tried to find Cards for every Splinter and some Neutral ones.

As I don´t have too much Money laying around these Days I had to make some rough Decisions for my advance.

Right now I own 56 Cards - some Drops included.

The Fire Splinter

I managed to buy the following Cards

Fineas Rage Fire.png

Second Row Attacker with high Speed and Huge Life (sadly has pretty high Mana Cost but worth it in my Opinion)

Tusk the Wide Fire.png

First Row Monster Blcoker against Mana Enemies instead of Living Lava against Melee. Also has High Life

Exploding Dwarf Fire.png

Cheap to buy and very good in Matches where Melee can Attack from every Position since it also damages the Monsters left and right to the Attacked one

Lava Launcher Fire.png

This One I have bought some Time earlier - but it can help since it can be used up to in first Position and is pretty Tanky^^

Forgotten One Fire.png

And lastly this Tanky Blocker Card with High Melee Damage, Life and Shield

Thats it for the Fire Splinter.

My favourite Splinter is the Water Splinter

But Cards are relatively High Cost - which is why I rented most

First off a Summoner

Valnamor Water.png

High Mana but has not only plus Mana but plus Speed and Armor as well for our Advantage

Phantom Water.png

The Phantom is one of my absolute Favourites as he has two Dodging Abylities and 4 Magic Damage!

Ruler Water.png

Mostly followed by this Card as it Damages two or more Monsters in one Attack with 3 Magic Attack.

Coral Water.png

If I can I add the Coral Wraith to have 3 Damage on the Enemy Backlines

Nerissa Water.png

Nice to have in Lineup as she has 4 Potential Damage each Attack and High Life

Djinn Water.png

And of course my First and second Ingame Drop the famous Dhinn Oshannus

Depending on the Match Rules and availabe Mana I try to mostly Mix these Magic Damage Cards as Water Splinter gave me a lot of Wins

The Earth Splinter

As the Starter Deck already provides nice Mix of Cards I did not rent or buy too much here

Grund Earth.png

The Grund as a Main Tank Blocker Card has high potential Melee Damage, High Life and will Attack two times in one Round!

Djinn Earth.png

This one is probably Underestimated as it has Camouflage which makes the Monster unhittable until it became the last Monster of the Deck

Fiend Earth.png

And of Course the Fiend which has Zero Mana Cost and therefore is good for low Mana Matches to Block.

The Life Splinter

As Life Splinter has a Summoner which gives Plus one on Ranged Attacks I figured I should get some additional Ranged Attackers

Prismologist Life.png

This one has Potential 4 Damage each Round and also deals Damage to the Monsters left and right of the Attack (Blast)

Silvershield Life.png

If some Mana is left I can add this Fella. Not much Damage but has Sniping and does only Cost 2 Mana.

The Death Splinter

As I think most Cards of the Starter Deck are just fine and i often Combine it with Dragon Splinter I only got me one Card in Addition the Fiend.

magi necrosi death.png

Magi Necrosi is a Magic Attacker with Snipe and Camouflage which is probably underrated.

The Dragon Splinter

Djinn Dragon.png

This one dropped a lot in Value but I just love to Combine with Death Spliiter top have 2 Monsters with Thorns. Best Usecase is probably in Matches where Melee can Attack from every Position. In that Case I use both Thorn Cards toghether. One in 1st Position and other one in last Position.

Neutral Monster Cards

creeping ooze neutral.png

Probably the most Famous Neutral Card. Cheap and potential Speed Advantage

disintegrator neutral.png

The Disintegrator is extremly cheap Card and will lower all Enemy Melee Attackers by one Point.

ureaus neutral.png

Super Cheap and low Mana Cost. Attacks Enemy Backlines.

And last but not Least

magi of chaos neutral.png

If you did not Notice until here I kinda love Magic Attack this one is good and cheap to Mix in between.

Finally I will show you my End of Season Rewards for December in Silver One

season reward silver 1 dezember.png

Not he best but could still be worse as I had only Potions and low DECs as Daily Quest Rewards lately. But I will keep on Grinding.

Let me know what you think about my Choices. Also I will be Superglad to hear if I potentially helped out another new Player.

Keep on Fighting!