Come along as I continue my Splinterlands, Rising Star, and Crypto journey!

As I bring you along on my "play to earn/crypto" journey, a verse from one of my absolute most favorite Beatles song pops into my head, maybe you have heard it. Paul McCartney
Irrespective of what Sir Paul McCartney was envisioning or speaking about when penning this verse down on paper, it totally resonates with me regarding Splinterlands, Rising Star, NBA Topshot, Decentraland, and Crypto in general. I'm assuming that anyone reading this is already on the Crypto Train (or should I say have their bags packed for the MOON!!!!!!)
Hive Moon
As I have mentioned in the past, I get impatient with where I am at right now, compared to where I am at the moment. To be clear, I am soooo not where I want to be. Having said that, I am taking the right actions to get there.
The key point to keep in mind, is that no matter what project we are talking about right now, we are all (everyone of us) is an early adopter and are ahead of the curve, to stay the course and remember that moment that inspired me to get into the space in the first place. It wasn't "to get rich quick", (although I wouldn't mind that if it happened). It was for one reason and one reason only, because all things blockchain and Web3.0 is the technology of the future, and every minute that I spend investing my time, attention, and money before universal adoption by the retail investors (sheeple).
S Curve Universal Adoption of Crypto
I'm new at this crap, so a link is the best I could do. Click on it or don't, basically it is an article that discusses the "Philosophy of Technological Adoption" as it pertains to crypto and the parallels.
I was reading an article written by Michael Casey from 2016 where he was talking about the universal adoption of Crypto and in it he said “We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run.”.
These are the things I keep in mind as I get impatient, get frustrated, and even get discouraged. I alluded to it in my last post, that I can't compare my current results with someone else's results without also comparing our starting points, and neither can you. Now I've no idea if anyone else gets a little bit discouraged whether battling against someone that has hundreds of thousands of CP and a million DEC, or their TOPSHOT account is worth 5 million dollars and have 3500 cards, or when reading articles from 20__ when Bitcoin was less than $100 wishing I had been in the know then. It's during these times that I remind myself that it won't be long before people that are starting this journey that people think "if only I had known about Crypto when Bitcoin was only $48,000 USD, when SPS was under $0.15 USD, etc... and so long as I keep my eyes on the prize and continue to make moves to increase my Crypto/NFT holdings, when the universal adoption finally happens, all of us early adopters will be vindicated in the eyes of our friends and families that thought we were soft between the ears for "wasting our time, attention, and money" on all things Crypto.
My only suggestion is to find a community, find your people, find someone that has what you want, follow them on discord, twitter, twitch, tik tok, youtube, or whatever platform they use and do what they do. But above all else, do not lose faith in that feeling in your gut that inspired you to invest in crypto to begin with.
What an exciting and amazing time to be alive. Thank you for making this community what it is and for coming along with me as we trudge the road of happy destiny.