GUILDS, TOURNAMENTS, & BRAWLS in SPLINTERLANDS............ "To enter/join or not to enter/join?" That is the question. Why or why not?


First and foremost, I am not repping, promoting or connected to the image. It was just a cool pic I pulled of the web. I am also not an expert by any means in Splinterlands and am not telling anyone what to do or not to do whilst playing Splinterlands or investing in Crypto. Just sharing my experience and journey as I learn and traverse the Play to Earn and Crypto Space. Take it for what it is and do your own due diligence regarding any investments.

As a fairly beginning Splinterlands enthusiast, do I join a guild and if so, does it matter what guild I join? Do I pay the entrance fees to join tournaments, if so why or why not? Finally, is it possible or profitable to flip cards with a deck that is 50,000 or less CP? Again my sole purpose is to share the things I learn on my journey to becoming a "Crypto millionaire/Splinterlands whale"........ and help the next generation of noobs avoid some of the same challenges I encountered along the way!
Come along on the journy

As I began playing Splinterlands, I was joining tournaments all willey nilley like and to be honest, save the experience, it was both a waste of funds and time. Not because I didn't win or place, or even move on to the 2nd round (unless I got a bye in the 1st round). The reason it was a waste was because I wasn't utilizing the whole point of the tournaments (in my opinion) by interacting fully with the community, the host of the tourney, or the accompanying give aways that usually happen live during the tournaments. I was paying the entrance fees and then either logging on simply to battle or forgetting about the battle and missing the start of the tournaments all together (which usually results in a refund of the entrance fees). Either way what it boils down to is I was not utilizing all of the opportunities to the additional fringe benefits and rewards possible. So what I did, was completely stop participating in the tournaments altogether deciding it was pointless being inexperienced with a fairly "weak" deck. I don't know if that was the smart play or not, what I do know is that by doing that, I had absolutely zero chance of winning anything whatsoever. Have I begun to enter tournaments again? You bet your ass I have. Not because I am so much better than I was a few months ago (although I am in fact better), because I started winning rewards and placing in the top of the tournaments (the answer to that is a no), did the tournaments get easier or cheaper to enter (that a negative to that also)? The reason is simple (I try to Keep It Simple Stupid, K.I.S.S.) I changed my perspective and have tried to participate in the live streams and giveaways on the 3rd party apps like Twitch and join the communities on Discord. I have yet to win any rewards by doing this, but I have gained knowledge and advice that I otherwise wouldn't have.

My thoughts and experiences with joining a guild. Once I found out the more DEC is awarded per win simply by belonging to a guild, I joined the very first guild that would have me. Unfortunately the guild that I joined was of no real benefit to me other than the extra DEC. No one participated in Brawls or donated any DEC, meaning there was no community or ownership in the guild. Whilst wasn't a mistake, it didn't really benefit me as the additional DEC wasn't significant at all. After becoming part of a community on YouTube and Discord with an amazing community and actively involved, experienced Splinterlands player did I reap the full benefits of a guild. @infidel1258 has become my "unofficial" mentor. By that I mean he isn't aware that he is my mentor, yet he is my mentor all the same. I watch all of the content he puts out on the various social media platforms, I was an active member in both his YouTube channel and Discord for about 2 or 3 months before I joined one of his guilds (he has 5 guilds I think, maybe more) and if you have read any of my previous posts, as a direct result of his suggestions (from his videos as well in the responses to my DM's on Discord) I have maximized my deck whilst growing my Staked SPS, doubled my daily SPS airdrop rewards, and gone from 300-450 DEC in a wallet to close to 100,000 DEC, and finally increasing my CP from 35,000 to 60,000. No as a member of his guild, I am about to get my first Gladiator Pack. None of which would have been possible as quickly had it not been for @infidel1258 or the community he built.

Guys, gals, and like minded non binary pals, due to the length of this post, I am going to break it up and share my experience and views on the possibility of being successful and profitable with a deck with less than 50,000 CP more in depth on a second post. I hope ya'll find something of value in this post.
Also, I invite all who read this to add any thoughts, feelings, disagreements with anything I wrote, or add some of the things you have learned along the way.