If not now, then when? If not you, then who?

No it wasn't Emma Watson, nor Reagan. Just a little bit farther back in the history books for the originator of this quote. Before either of them, Malcolm
X's iteration went "If not now then when, if not me then who? First spoken by Hillel the Elder (110 BCE- 10 BCE) and an argument could be made that it is more true today than at any other time in modern history (I wouldn't make that argument as I wasn't alive so I couldn't speak on it). However, at the minimum, it is as true and applicable today as any other period of time in modern history. But why am I writing about this quote on a blog about a video game? That answer is simple.
I believe it is about to be the embodiment, a mantra, a rallying cry if you will, of the everyday Sally and Jon Q Law as their eyes and ears are opening and brain awakening for what is probably the very first time. It is the question that will move them into action. At least it did me anyways. Irespective that the action was Splinterlands, action is action, the first step is the first step. And many a great and wonderful things in history sprung forth from the most unremarkable pedantic of beginnings.
So, as one that is just getting to the party, to all those that came before me I say: "Thank you for preparing the way, for cutting the trail, lighting the fire for me to warm myself by. I am so very thankful and just want to say, you can relax, sit back and rest for a while. I can break the trail for a bit, I can do for the next group what was done for me." And to all those that come after me understand that "what is being done for you, is what was done for me by those than came before me."


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