Riftwatchers Airdrop

Checking out my Riftwatchers Airdrop..

Hello SplinterFans....I hope that you are all doing great, fighting and winning one glorious battle after another...

Today, I finally had time to check check out the latest Riftwatchers Airdrop, time to see if I got lucky this time....

Screenshot from the Splinterlands webpage..

This is the fourth Riftwatchers airdrop, I was lucky to get one standard card in the first airdrop, but since then I haven't been lucky at all....but as you can see, I only have bought 36 packs that are eglible for the airdrops, so I'm not counting on anything..

Today's Airdrop..

Letes's see if there is any luck today....crossing my fingers, pushing the button...

Today I got very lucky..!!.. Two standard cards..!!.. I'm so happy now...
Went to check out what these cars are worth today...$18 per card, not bad, that's a $36 airdrop!

Considering selling one of them now when the price is high, and buying it back later on, hopefully a lot cheaper....We'll see what happens!

Well, that was what i wanted to share with you today... Hope that you enjoyed...

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