5 overpowered RF and Dice cards in Modern Diamond League

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Hello fellow Battle Mages!

Lately, I have been writing about overpowered or overlooked cards that fall under the Modern format of the Splinterlands. Today I will write about the most overpowered cards that can be found in two mini-expansions, Riftwatchers and Dice. Take into consideration that this is my opinion and that those cards are very powerful in combination with my deck. That may not be the case for your deck so please do your own research before investing. Such cards are very expensive so it may be smarter to invest into more cheaper cards than into one that is very expensive.

With that mentioned let's get started.


The first card on this list is Grenadier, a card that falls under the Dice edition. It is a very interesting Neutral card that can be often used in low-mana matches. It can often surprise you as it is expensive and it is not played that often.


The main strength of Grenadier lies in the combination of the two abilities, Opress and Blast. Opress is an amazing ability against cards like Pelacor Conjurer, Failed Summoner, or Almo Cambio, those which do not have an attack. If the targeted card is on the second spot it will still deal double damage because of the Blast ability. This makes Grenadier very helpful when playing against Life or Earth Splinter. It is not a card that you would use in every game, but in some situations is very good.

Queen Of Crows

It is not a secret that Death Splinter is my favorite Splinter and that I play it as often as I can. Queen Of Crows just adds to that love toward Death Splinter. Unfortunately, I do not own a max-level copy of this card, but I am working on that. Close Range is nice to have on such a card but is not really necessary, but with this ability, we can use Quee Of Crows as an off-tank due to the high health pool. Headwinds ability is useful as it enables your Cursed Wikndeku to survive for longer. He is weak to ranged damage and those high hits from cards like Dhampir Stalker or Pelacor Arabalist. Now **Slow **ability is very important. It works so well with the Slow that you get from Cursed Windeku and with the Swiftness ability that you get from Lira The Dark and Supply Runner. So yes, with those 4 cards, you altered the speed of cards in the play 4 times, and that is a lot.

Queen of Crows_lv1.png

The last ability, and the one that I am missing, is Return Fire. As I said, Cursed Windeku is weak to ranged attacks and it will die eventually. Then Queen Of Crows can come in the first spot and reflect some damage back to the attackers which should be already weakened by your attacks. It also works very well in combination with Cabalist which has Amplify ability that will maximize damage from Thorns and Return Fire. As you can see, Death Splinter has quite a powerful combination in these cards. For me, Queen Of Crows is one of the main cards of the Modern Death Splinter deck.

Agor Longtail

I would dare to say that Agor is the iconic card from Riftwatchers expansion. Stats are just amazing on this dragon and I am very sad that I do not have a maxed out version. What makes this card this good is a combination of his abilities. Let's start with the Void Armor ability. This one is amazing as it enables you to play Repair armor in your team which is very annoying because it will repair armor even when it is shattered. This means that Agor Longtail goes very well with Life splinter and cards like Adelade Brightwing because Adelade can Repair armor but it can also resurrect Agor with full armor. In that case, you need at least 2 attacks before Agor heals himself to kill that monster.

Agor Longtail_lv4.png

I already mentioned Heal ability which is very strong because of his amazing health pool. If you know that your opponent will play Agor you better bring some monsters with Affliction ability. Flying is just a bonus there and it would be weird if a dragon does not have a Flying ability. But sometimes it will cause that opponent to miss Agor because of that ability. I would say that he is a must-have card for those high-mana matches in the Diamond and Champion leagues.

Mylor Crowling/Ilthain

I simply must include these two summoners on the list because there are some situations when these cards are just unbeatable. If you are playing for the leaderboard then you must own these summoners or at least rent them for Brawls and Tournaments.

Mylor Crowling_lv8.png

Mylor Crowling is amazing in those melee-only rulesets while Ilthain is amazing when you need to counter ranged attackers. It is really good for Ilthain that the +1 ranged damage summoner is from the same Splinter, which means there is a higher possibility that you can counter your opponent.


Oh, I hate this guy, and only because I don't own it. It is such an amazing card and it is very useful in many situations. You want to play him in those rulesets with Earthquake and Posion where he really shines. Due to his big health pool and Immunity, it is very hard to kill him, especially if he has a support monster with Repair.


It is a great card to be played in the first spot due to Heal ability. Strengthen is also nice because it gives more health to both Kralus and other monsters in your team. It is actually one of those cards which makes you know that you will lose the game, the same second you see this card. If we are talking about his price, 715 USD for a max-level copy is really a lot of money. Is it worth it? Probably! But there are also better ways to spend 700 USD in Splinterlands than on one card.


So these are my RF and Dice picks for the most overpowered cards. There are many other amazing cards well as Lurker, Behemot, Lorna Shine, Runic Skyclaw, Cabalist, and many others but I decided on these five cards. If you think there is a card that I should mention please let me know down in the comments.


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Have fun and see you on the battlefield.



Solid list! Personally, I'd also add Lorna to it. I've dominated quite a few Brawls and Tourneys before just using her and Mylor lol



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