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Welcome guys to the review of the new rewards cards. In this article, we are reviewing the Life Splinter. New cards are very interesting and I hope that it will be the same with the Chaos Legion expansion. At the moment prices of the new cards are going up and down. We will see where those card prices will stop.

We currently have these cards only for a few weeks and new reward cards are not played that often. It is possible that meta will change. That would mean that this review could be a bit off in the future, so consider this while reading.


Venari Crystalsmith - An amazing card for the Life Splinter, a replacement of Divine Healer, but a bit better as it has +1 ranged attack on level one and a slightly better speed.

Tank Heal - Restores a portion of the Monster in the first position's health each round

Tank Heal ability is the reason why this card is so good. Venari Crystalsmith will heal your monster in the first position every turn. This is especially strong when playing a big tank in the first spot.

Dispel - When this monster hits an enemy, it clears all positive status effects on that enemy.

On the higher levels, Venari Crystalsmith gets Dispel. The very useful ability will clear all positive status effects from enemy monsters. Venari Crystalsmith really shines on level four with +2 ranged damage.

I will surely buy few copies of Venari Crystalsmith. I hope that price will get a bit down as 0.85 USD per BCX is a bit high for me.

Djinn Renova - One of my favorite cards in the new rewards set. I think that this card is just amazing and I am really surprised that I don't see this card more often. Maybe is that because Life Splinter is not that strong.

Strengthen - All friendly Monsters have increased Health

Strengthen ability is amazing if you ask me. +1 health for all monsters is great and +2 magic attack o level one is really decent. I often play Djinn Renova in the second position, as an off-tank due to big health.

Triage - Heals the friendly back-line Monster that has taken the most damage

On higher levels Djinn Renova even gets triage. Another amazing ability that will heal your already buffed backline. Amazing card if you ask me.

At the moment this card goes for 2.88 USD per BCX which seems a bit high. With only 6-7% cards printed there should be more price corrections. It seems that the prices of the new reward cards went up because of the reward system changes.

Pelacor Conjurer - An amazing card that Life splinter really needed. It can serve you as a tank and an off-tank. You can use this card to soak Snipe and Sneak attacks. Four health is decent for two mana cost.

Flying - Has an increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks from Monsters who do not have the Flying ability

Flying ability can help you to dodge some melee or ranged attacks. Sometimes this ability can really save the day as it gives you 25% chance of evading an attack against a monster without Flying ability.

Magic Reflect - When hit with Magic damage, does reduced Magic damage back to the attacker

In the Silver league, Pelacor Conjurer will get Magic Reflect ability that is very useful against magic teams, especially against Pixies. This gives Life Splinter cheap way of countering magic teams(at least a little bit).

Divine Shield - The first time the Monster takes damage it is ignored

Divine Shield ability makes this monster even tankier. The first attack will not do any damage so it will stick on the battlefield even longer. With summoner buff and Djinn Renova buff, Pelacor Conjurer's health can go all the way to 8 health on level 7 which is amazing for 2 mana cost monster.

Phase - The first time the Monster takes damage it is ignored.

Finally, Phase ability will improve magic defense even further and enable Pelacor Conjurer to evade magic attacks. At the moment there is not a lot of monsters with Phase ability so this should not be taken for granted.

At the moment you can buy Pelacor Conjurer for 0.10 USD per BCX. I hope that price will drop to around 0.06 USD per BCX. Gold foil Pelacor Conjurer is not a bad investment too, especial if you want to play in Bronze. You will use this card a lot and 10% extra DEC for 2 USD is an amazing investment.


I hope that you are enjoying new reward cards the same as I am. There are quite a few interesting cards that we could see more often in the future. For now, I am not buying anything as I am expecting prices to drop due to a surplus of freshly printed cards.

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Djinn Renova seems like a cool card, already draw her out of a daily quest chest 😍


Yup, it is one of my favorite cards in the new rewards set :)