New Reward Cards - WATER

Welcome guys to the review of the new rewards cards. In this article, we are reviewing the Water team. New cards are very interesting and I hope that it will be the same with the Chaos Legion expansion. We are coming close to the end of the season and we can expect that more copies of the reward cards will hit the market. That should bring down prices of the new reward cards even more.

New reward cards can be seen more and more in the battles and we are learning valuable lessons about how they work in certain teams. Take into consideration that this review could be a bit off in the future weeks/months when we learn more about reward cards and when Chaos Legion expansion is going to be live.


Djinn Oshannus - Quite interesting card but I think that that current price of 27 USD per BCX is too much. It looks like Djinn Oshannus was planned to be Llama + Kron killer but I don't see this to work in lower leagues. His high health makes him a good tank and his high speed could help him to avoid a few attacks. The damage is decent but nothing special as we are talking about legendary monster.

Void - Reduced damage from Magic attacks.

Void ability is useful as it will reduce damage from magic attacks so this makes him a perfect tank for no-melee rulesets. On higher levels, things are getting more interesting for Oshannus as he gets more abilities that can help him in tanking.

Phase - Magic attacks can miss this Monster (using the same hit/miss calculation as for Melee and Ranged attacks).

Phase ability will enable him to dodge magic attacks. It looks like in the new Chaos Legion there will be a lot of focus on hit/miss mechanics so his high speed could be really good. Of course, that will depend on other buffs/debuffs.

Forcefield - This Monster takes only 1 damage from attacks with over 5+.

Forcefield is looking like an amazing ability and real counter to those Llama+Kron combos and all other high attack monsters. It would be interesting to see how would this card work if we get Forcefield ability on level one instead of the Void ability. This way it looks that new abilities such as Forcefield, Backfire, and Amplify will be used from the Gold league up.

Djinn Oshannus is still looking great, but a bit overpriced if you ask me. I would go for him when under 10 USD per BCX. We will surely see this card often once Chaos Legion hits

Venari Wavesmith - Absolute beast of a card. It is just overpowered at the moment. And I do have a lot of questions in my head regarding the new meta and this card. Does this mean that we will not get the new +1 magic summoner in Water Splinter? If we do get +1 magic summoner, well this card will skyrocket in price. Lobstradamus + Venari Wavesmith + Pixies is just looking amazing.

Protect - All friendly Monsters gain +2 armor.

Protect ability is the reason why this card is so overpowered. It can counter Yodin so easily. That extra armor gives your small magic monsters enough time to clean up the enemy team before they can reach your health.

Dispel - When this monster hits an enemy, it clears all positive status effects on that enemy.

Another bonus of this card is to dispel all bonus effects on the enemy but I don't see this ability to be that important, at least for now. Level 4 Venari Wavesmith with +2 magic damage is looking good enough.

If we do get another +1 magic summoner in the new expansion I believe that this card will be one of the most important ones in Water Splinter. If you ask me, everything below 1 USD is a good buy.

Pelacor Bandit - Least interesting card of the new Water Splinter reward cards but still very usable. Pelacor Bandit is looking like a slightly worse version of Kobold Miner. I get it that Pelacor Bandit cost one more mana because of the additional ability but I would prefer it with two mana cost.

Sneak - Targets the last Monster on the enemy Team instead of the first Monster.

Sneak is very useful in removing threats on the last spot in the enemy team. Pelacor Bandit looks like a replacement for Sabre Shark, but a better one.

Flying - Has an increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks from Monsters who do not have the Flying ability.

The flying ability goes well with the hit/miss theme of new reward cards. If this theme will go through Chaos Legion expansion then this card is worth picking up. For me, the target price for Palacor Bandit is around 0.05 USD per BCX. If nothing, you will get very cheap Power and we all know that Power is important if you want to go into higher leagues. It is better to buy cards cheap than rent them later for huge prices.


I hope that you are enjoying new reward cards the same as I am. There are quite a few interesting cards that we could see more often in the future. For now, I am not buying anything as I am expecting prices to drop due to a surplus of freshly printed cards.

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