Dipping toes into Rftwatchers

I bought a few packs of the new Riftwatchers packs 11 total to be precise.
These were all bought with 1 Voucher and Approx 70 SPS per pack on average they worked out around 11 hive. These packs are selling on hive-engine at around 8 hive so there is a 3 hive discount available.
Buying directly in game gives you an opportunity to get a free airdrop card but from past experiences doing this via 2 separate accounts you need to buy around 100 packs in game to get the airdrop card. In the last chaos airdrop the card which I received is selling around $20 so not really worth it imho.
Back to my Riftwatcher packs 11 hive per pack is around $5.5 per pack.
These were the cards I received after opening all 11 packs
Other than the 3 same summoner worth $5.5 the rest were really really poor value wise.
The cards themselves do seem powerful so i bought a few extra copies of some and levelled them up and will try to level up further.
I am starting to feel there are to many cards around already and there will be more coming and its just becoming more of a money making game(for devs) than the game evolving.
The game is pretty boring and becomes just a grind than actual fun

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