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Hi everyone, Welcome to my post regarding the "SHARE YOUR BATTLE" Challenge. For this week's challenge, I'm going to cover the theme a little differently than I usually do. If I usually focus on discussing the battles, this time I will also discuss my experience in this season which is also different from usual (because it is approaching the END of SEASON).


What's different this season?

In this season, I tried borrowing a deck through the platform provided by NFTY Arcade ( And I chose to use a deck from spl-decks that contains all the Chaos Legion edition cards (for those who are curious about the card list, you can see here)


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Before I borrowed the deck from NFTy Arcade, I only played Splinterlands 2-3 times per week because I didn't want to spend too much of my DEC on renting cards whose prices can change every day. But after I borrowed the deck, I can now save my DEC spending. Even though I will get 30% of the total rewards (battle & chest rewards) that I collected during the time I borrowed SPL-decks, at least I can play Splinterlands every day.

Thanks to that, I can now be in the Golden League again (WILD) in a relatively short time compared to before I tried borrowing Deck.

Because I was in the Golden League too soon, the opponents I faced were too tough, so I experienced Lose Streak several times. But out of the many battles, I found an ability that I liked while playing in this Golden League. That ability is RUST.
Even though I only got 30%, the daily chest I got this season was quite surprising >>


Battle Using RUST


RUST itself is an ability that can reduce the amount of ARMOR owned by all opponent monsters in the battle arena by 2 pieces of ARMOR.

  • Very useful in ARMORED UP, as it can remove the additional +2 ARMOR received from that ruleset.

  • Not useful in UNPROTECTED, because all monsters that already have ARMOR will lose all of their ARMOR in this ruleset.

And the monster that has RUST and that I often use in the Golden League is Time Mage


Battle 1


In this battle, I faced an opponent who both had Time Mage lv5 and brought monsters that had the PROTECT ability. On my side, I chose to use Defender of Truth. While on my opponent's side, he used Arkemis the Bear. That made us both lose 2 ARMOR and 1 SPEED. However, the opponent had brought Supply Runner which gave an additional 1 SPEED (SWIFTNESS) to all of the opponent's monsters. (I have no advantage in terms of speed)

Meanwhile, the Summoners we use are quite opposite. The opponent uses General Sloan which adds 1 Attack point to the opponent's Ranged monsters, while I use The Peakrider which reduces 1 Attack point from the opponent's Ranged monsters (I was lucky to get a cheap rental price for lv3 of this Summoner). Besides reducing Attack points The Peakrider also gives an additional 3 ARMOR to all my monsters. (I got the advantage in terms of the number of ARMOR).

Although I lost Pelacor Conjurer in the middle of the first round, the opponent also lost Time Mage at the end of the first round, so I regained 1 SPEED and 2 ARMOR.

At the start of the second round, Arkemis the Bear also lost immediately leaving only Ranged monsters on the opposing side.

To see the entire battle, you can watch it at >> FULL BATTLE LINK


Battle 2


This time, my opponent and I both brought Defender of Truth which has PROTECT ability at level 3 because we know that in this ruleset (WEAK MAGIC) Magic attacks do not directly hit Health points but hit ARMOR first.

Although I had the disadvantage of losing more monsters than my opponent in the beginning, I managed to win this match in the end.

To see the entire battle, you can watch it at >> FULL BATTLE LINK
And this is the challenge link >> CHALLENGE LINK


STRATEGY (Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?)

My strategy worked quite well. Even though it looked like I was going to lose at the beginning, I managed to defeat the opposing side's monsters in the end. Unfortunately, my attack power was slightly reduced because I was too worried about the attacks from SNEAK monsters (that's why I put monsters with THORN at the very back).

For the next strategy, maybe I will replace them (monsters that have THORN ability) with Venari Crystalsmith so that my monsters in the first position will not fall quickly.

Do you like Time Mage (lv5)?

Yes, after some experimentation, I can conclude that Time Mage is quite an important card in the Golden League. But unfortunately, we must need other things so that he is not quickly defeated. Because Time Mage has a fairly low Health Point and that can make him the target of attacks from Opportunity monsters. Therefore, it is necessary to have monsters or Summoners that have PROTECT abilities so that attacks from OPPORTUNITY monsters do not directly hit the Health points of Time Mage. Or you can also bring monsters like Enchanted Defender which has low Health points but with quite a lot of ARMOR.


That was the post SHARE YOUR BATTLE CHALLENGE for this time. Maybe in your opinion, this post is more suitable for "social media challenge". But because I only had time to make a post now, I ended up combining it with "Share Your Battle Challenge".

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read. See you in the next post....

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