Hello everyone, welcome back. This time I will discuss about my battle using the Monster of the Water Element for the last time (because in the next post, I will discuss other elements). And the water monster I mean is Naga Windmaster which has an ability called HEADWINDS.


And for the Ruleset this time it is EQUAL OPPORTUNITY and KEEP YOUR DISTANCE with 38 mana. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY is a situation where All Monsters have the Opportunity ability. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE is a situation where Monsters with Melee attack may not be used in battles.



Give -1 Magic Attack to All EnemiesSince the Ruleset prohibits the use of Melee-Attack Monsters, it is possible for the opponent to use Magic or Range-Attack Monsters.

Bortus is in charge of preventing enemy monsters from getting additional Magic Attacks from Magic Summoners.
Scavenger (Lv3)As TANKS because most likely the opposing Monster in the front position has a fairly high Attack.

And his Ability can be useful when a Monster dies in the Battle Arena.
Protect (Lv1)To protect all My Monsters so that the attack from Range Attack Monster does not know Health first.
Headwinds (Lv2)If Bortus is useful for removing the effects of magic summoners, then Naga Windmaster is useful for preventing enemy monsters from getting additional range attacks from summoners.
Triad (Lv1)When I bring Wave Brood into battle, then Mermaid Healer must also be included so that Wave Brood can last longer on the battlefield.
Double Strike (Lv1)Since the previous battle, Axemaster is mandatory when I bring Wave Brood and Mermaid Healer into battle.
Taunt (Lv1)Because one of the Rulesets gives OPPORTUNITY to all Monsters in the Arena, then Wave Brood is tasked with distracting the opponent's attention so as not to hit Friend Monsters who have low health.




Enemy Uses General Sloan as a Summoner (As expected, Because the use of Alric Stormbringer is very rare). Opponents also use 2 Magic-Attack Monsters and Range-Attack Monsters each (as well as 1 Monster as a healer)

After all Abilities have been applied....


General Sloan gives an additional Range Attack to all opposing Monsters (However that is canceled by the ability of Naga Windmaster). Opponents also get additional Ability from Djinn Renova (+1 Health to All Allies)

On my side, Bortus gives a reduction effect of 1 Magic Attack to All Enemies And Venari Wavesmith gives an additional 2 Armor to all my Monsters.


In Round 1, all of my Monsters are aiming for Divine Healer, but she can be defeated only with attacks from Axemaster and Naga Windmaster (Gelatinous Cube gets additional 1 Health). And my other Monsters attack Djinn Renova.

Gelatinous Cube gets an attack from Djinn Renova (which makes its health back to normal). And the other enemy monsters were forced to give their attacks to Wave Brood because of the effects of TAUNT (Wave Brood then healed by Mermaid Healer)


In Round 2, it's Djinn Renova's turn to lose due to the attacks of Axemaster and Naga Windmaster (Gelatinous Cube gets an additional 1 Health) and My other monsters attack Bila the Radiant.




All my Monsters still survive in the Battle Arena. Gelatinous Cube only takes some minor damage (But can be recovered every time a Monster dies in the Arena).

And for Wave Brood. Even if it is continuously attacked, as long as the damage is not too severe, Mermaid Healer will always heal it.

To see the full battle, you can watch it at >> FULL BATTLE LINK
And this is the challenge link >> CHALLENGE LINK


STRATEGY (Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?)

Yes, my strategy worked quite well. It's all thanks to all of my chosen Monsters. They did their job quite well.
For future strategy, maybe I will hire a monster that has VOID or VOID ARMOR and a fairly large amount of health (if later I have to deal with Magic Summoners)

Do you like Naga Windmaster?

Naga Windmaster is very rarely used when PHANTOM STARTER CARDS is still using Beta edition and Untamed edition. (Because at that time there was no special Summoner to add attacks from Range Monsters)

But since the existence of General Sloan, his Ability is quite useful.


That was the discussion of my battle using Naga Windmaster. And in the next post I will discuss the same theme (KEEP YOUR DISTANCE) but with different elements and monsters.

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read. See you in the next post....

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